What’s in my phone: Scott’s Antique Market

Hey all! I made it down to Scott’s Antique Market last week (man what a place!) armed with a laundry list of client items and thought it would be fun to share with you my iphone photos again.

Anything you want darlings, you can find it here! Here’s what caused me to pause, shoot and think damn I’m lucky to live here. Enjoy!
For starters there is always truck loads of the chalky gray patina furniture at the front of the South building. I was there Thursday morning dodging trucks pulling in and unpacking all around me and wouldn’t you know, my favorite Louis chairs – SOLD already. Word is its like that every month.

This pretty little number was still up for grabs when I arrived. I’m guessing she didn’t last long covered in all her nail head and burlap glory. Love.
Pick a chair…any chair…pick a chair…

She was definitely a favorite. Can you see her recovered and parked off to the side in a dining room, end of bed, foyer, breakfast nook…she’d look gorgeous ANYWHERE.
Not a bad one in the bunch!

Can you believe this was $250 tagged. Someone went home very happy.

I thought the veining in this marble top was to die for. What a gorgeous table.
Had a hard time walking away from this one for obvious reasons…master bedroom was my first inclination.

Tons of great ship lights! The brassy finish caught my eye. Ship lights were in abundance here.
Imagine all the beautiful lamps you could create with these blown glass jars in silver, blue and green. Easy to do!
Hah! Sorry. I’m a sucker for Fisher Price’s Play Peoples. Loved them growing up and I have such a hard time not wanting to buy it all again for my me, I mean my kids. Remember the barn door “mooooo’d” when you opened it?

Old table leg mother load! DIYers could have a field day making Lee’s Martini Tables out of these. My Grandmother made them into candle stands back when I was a kid and Mom’s is still parked in our living room back home, looking good.

Clean me up and hang me over your kitchen island. I’ll look fantastic.
more pendants in all shapes and sizes
Old letters. So fun to spell out things like “SO” or “PEACE” or “IF” or “I SEE DUMB PEOPLE” like the bumper sticker in the parking lot that just about made me lose control of my bladder.
Pinecones transformed into pineapples. Precious! Hello dough bowl – you’re pretty fabulous too.

Client coffee table option number one.
Client coffee table option number twooooo.

I thought this was sorta different and cool. A nice look for a beach house. We could get very creative with it. By the way I may have some exciting beach house news for you all. I’m in the running to renovate a condo in one of my favorite places! Stay tuned and throw me your prayers. Appreciate it!

Tobacco baskets make great wall art and have good texture. The old stenciled numbers and letters on the side are always a nice touch.
Image via Traditional Home
A Louis Phillippe trumeau mirror circa 1800s. If money grew on trees, this would be hanging in my powder room right now.

The urns are fab but sort of overdone I feel like. I took the pic to inspire you to wrap that ugly table lamp you’ve been fussing over with some rope. I made one in college. You and Elmer’s glue can too!

This one is probably a little more involved. 😉 I asked the artist and she says make sure you bleach your oyster shells in a bucket of water first and then cover the lamp with tile grout and paste away! She did the one below as well. Gorgeous! No substitute for something hand finished in such detail.

I was so close to pulling the trigger on this one (your clients Jen…you’re here for your clients). It’s a wine rack ready to affix to a wall. I’ve forever had one in my mind since attending our cousin Tamar’s wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and spotting the one below.
I think it would look great in a bar area or butler’s pantry don’t you? I like it even better half empty like above, which would definitely be the case at our house.
A ghost chair for $125! GREAT price but had a small scuff on the back and they weren’t sure if they could buff it out. Otherwise it was mine.


This fabric caught my eye. Love the sheen.

I like the detail on this particular woman’s pillows. Her signature. What’s your signature??? Laverne had an L, Pinky Tuscadero had her scarf, Leather had her handshake….
Leave it to Barbara Barry to put trim this beautiful on bolsters. She is such a doll!
Can you picture the set of twin beds these are sitting at right now? Some sweet little girls room somewhere or cozy guest room.
Speaking of little girls rooms, wouldn’t this be fun over her tea table? These cracked me up. I could see using a ton of them in a large commercial lobby or lining three over a table for a little whimsy.

I’ve fallen hard and fast for these tree prints. I think they’d look stellar in the beach house project. Listen to me…I don’t even have the job yet!

I’d buy tons of them and dramatically display them like the Susan Ferrier designed space below. Image via House Beautiful.
If you read my blog you know how I love vintage script. These were $20 a sheet. You could get lost in all that beautiful font easily.

I hope you enjoyed my pics and are having a wonderful week so far!!! You’re the bomb and don’t you forget it.

Jenny from the rock