A retro hip Lake Michigan cottage

I love it when good things happen to good people.
Casing point this too cool for school cottage my dear friend and college roommate scored for her family. Complete with breathtaking views and miles of gorgeous beach! We were finally able to visit this past Summer and my first thought was I’m so happy for you Jilly!!! Second thought was, can I blog about it?!
The story of the cottage goes a little something like this. The oldest son graduated from the University of Michigan with an architecture degree and this was his first project for his parents, a modern darling complete with glass, beams, steel cables and concrete blocks. Eventually all three of the children found their own exciting homes on the lake and the original family cottage found itself for sale. Yea for Jill & co.
Beautiful Lake Michigan!

They furnished the entire home with IKEA furniture and it couldn’t be more perfect with the original retro finishes found inside. Here is a shot of the main living area. Pardon all our baggage.

I just love the big beams, the planks on the ceiling, the windows squeezed in between both and how the staircase comes right up into the middle of the room dividing the kitchen and living room. The dining area is complete with one of my favorite IKEA tables. The light fixture is original to the home and a beautiful Lake Michigan nautical map in the back drop.

The kitchen with its sliding cabinet doors, gold-flecked laminate countertops (who knew laminate could be so hip) and Tappan oven and stove! My Grandmother had the same exact one and I can literally smell her Christmas day prime rib in that oven or her monster thick burgers frying up in the pan every time I look at this pic.

Sitting atop the table between the two butterfly chairs is a recycled guest book made out of old library book covers you can find on etsy here. Which epitomizes my friend Jill. She is the Queen of crafty, thrifty, creative, repurposed finds. The majority of the decor items in the cottage were found at estate sales all over Grand Rapids, Michigan including the kick ass metal sculpture hanging above the fireplace looking perfect.

We love to tease Jill on how she does everything right. I was lucky enough to room with Jill for another year after we all graduated. I witnessed all her creativity and charm first hand and as a result our apartment was a rad mix of pretty fantastic hand-me-downs and tag sale items. What a year. I’ll never forget the day I got the call standing in our kitchen that Mom’s time was up and to get home right away. Jilly was right there, by my side, saying and doing all the right things (of course!) to help me prepare for the worst. She’s just one of those amazing people that you, yourself, become a better person simply by knowing and spending time with. Thanks Jillybean!

More estate sale finds

Loved the old school record player and lots and lots of vinyl! The kids were especially fond of the Grease soundtrack and Michael Jackson’s Thriller that weekend. Kozik’s favorite! Another nautical map hangs above. They have the best colors in them don’t they?

The master bedroom. Jack and I slept here and it was so much fun going to bed with all the trees illuminated by the old man in the moon. I was sure a deer would walk by at any moment.

LOVE the artwork!!!

Of course I was totally psyched when I saw the Audrey Hepburn quote Jill had printed and framed after reading it on my birthday blog. You can see her style in everything she puts together. Most definitely a “life is art” kind of gal.
The upstairs has two bedrooms and a half bath. Downstairs has two more bedrooms, a full bath and another fun living space. The home’s design makes such great use of all the space. Although the home made great use of the space, the only thing I think it was missing was the use of some wooden bedside drawers in the bedrooms. Not having anywhere to store anything next to me at night wasn’t overly great, so they would really make an improvement in room space and utilisation.

I love the twin bedroom!

The lower level living space. The kids ate every meal here. A school was closing near Jill and she scored this awesome world map at their sale.

Vintage water ski, another find.

Jilly’s mama hooked her up with this way cool outdoor furniture. We roasted marshmallows here all night long.

I miss the days of running through damp sheets on the clothes line! A wish list item for the back yard and a must have for all beach cottages.

The dinner bell and a great view of the back of the cottage with the steel cabled balconies. Jill is painting the back door chalk board so she can welcome friends and let them know they’re down at the beach!

Another wonderful gathering space with stunning vistas and more of Mama’s cool furniture slipcovered in outdoor fabric. Some people would get Poly Furniture instead but this works just fine for us!

The crew – beachin it!

And lastly, my favorite shot of the cottage at night, taken by Jill.

Thank you Jill for allowing me to share your so sweet family enclave with everyone and I’d like to dedicate this post to all my green and white girls who will be whooping it up here this weekend for a girl’s trip. You have no idea how much it pains me to not be there for all the laughs. I love you, miss you and would do any crazy thing for you!

And to the rest of us, cheers to another fantastic weekend upon us!! I hope you sip something ice cold and savor these last remaining days of Summer with your feet up. We are all so blessed by God’s beautiful light – bask in it!

Jenny from the rock