Seaside Inspiration

Hey team! What’s shakin? It’s been a very eventful couple of days on the road. I’m shocking even myself right now getting this week’s post out.

For starters I hiked it down to the condo project last week and worked harder than I’ve ever worked. At least my body feels that way… “where did that bruise come from?”. Oh boy, were we a sight in the Ta-ho with a big ole trailer hitched to the back, piled high with boxes (queue the song from Beverly Hillbillies).

***insert picture we should of taken here.

I’m still impressed we made it out of my alley after literally jacking the trailer up with the rinky dink jack that comes on board, trailer packed to the rim and somehow, by the grace of God, backing my truck up perfectly to let it fall onto the hitch. Boo rah! We’d all be laughing at the pic. I have to say we did feel kinda bad to the bone pulling out. 😉 Ba-ba-ba-ba- bad.

By His grace again, we made it to our destination. Only having to pull over once to rip back some of the box coverings that started to fly off. I kept thinking what would I do if a big piece of box flew on my windshield? Yep, better pull over. We rolled up just in time to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets on one of the most beautiful beaches. Ching, ching. Good thing cause the next day was all work until sunset again. Here are a couple of inspirational photos of the beach house project. Im back on the road today to check in and will share with you a few in progress shots.

 The perfect beach accent color

Exposed shelves…quick grab the margarita glasses stat! When I came across this kitchen pic on pinterest I discovered this beautiful post of additional images to go with. See them all HERE. So worth the extra click click.

Hide-a-way bunks. The kids will totally dig it! Big kids too. What’s nice about these below is they are double or queen size. Way to have your thinking cap on m.elle design divas.

image via m.elle design 

Hardy stone floors that can withstand all the elements of the SEA.

I came across this chalk board rendition at ABC Carpet and Home in New York City last Christmas and it has me thinking about this one narrow interior door and how it might be fun to cover it in chalkboard paint and sketch the seahorse art below on it. What do you think?

image via Pinterest

Or some fun beautiful quotes…

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air”

More to come on this. Meanwhile a small doses of style and we’re outta here.

Halloween is approaching and I think its safe to say there isn’t a SOUL who doesn’t love this holiday!  Am I right? Fun for all ages. Do good and look good by carrying this bag from Grand In Road. It says “treat your kids to a festive trick or treat bag” but I’m thinking it will make a very stylish handbag for moi for the month of October, don’t you think?

It’s only $13.20 and $3.50 of it goes to Unicef. Getcha one.

That’s all I have time for today lovies. But stay tuned for my latest pull at the Goodwill in Santa Rosa Beach. It was very successful and I cannot wait to go back. Also a preview of a project I’ve been working on in Birmingham, Alabama (most stylish town around) and what’s happening here at mi casa (every now and then I squeeze in a little design inspiration for my family and my sanity). I’ve been a busy (crazy) bee and that’ll do with all the parentheses.




p.s. Any Detroit Lions fans out there?! WHAT A WEEK! We are all riding high after years, years, years of disappointing seasons. And its fun being that two of our star players are from Georgia. I’m recruiting Lions fans all over the place down here. ;-))) We know better than to get so excited so early but to start the season with three straight wins is unbelievable and hasn’t happened since I was seven-years-old. Go Honolulu blue!!!!


  1. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the condo you and your husband bought in Seaside, I’m sure you are going to do amazing things with it…Love the ideas

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