All is calm, all is bright…

Wishing you a most beautiful holiday and a very happy, happy new year!  I’d hoped to showcase my holiday decorating this season but then Connecticut happened, Lily happened and Lori happened and holiday decorating took a back seat to healing and prayer. So just a few images from around the family fort and will follow… Continue reading All is calm, all is bright…

Best Friends Forever

Somewhere between the second and third grade, I was sitting at Grandma’s gigantic IBM electric typewriter playing “office” inside the Funeral Home she and Grandpa started in 1939 when I spotted the school bus outside and two girls in matching green jackets get off. “Hey Grandma, who are those two girls that just got off… Continue reading Best Friends Forever

A beautiful holiday home tour

I’m convinced God sends people into your life right when you need them the most. Three years ago I met a most amazing and loving women, Shannon Kaloper at a church bazaar sale. My friend Erin and I stumbled upon a booth called “stella and dot” adorned with adorable jewelry and immediately booked a trunk… Continue reading A beautiful holiday home tour

Before and After: Client Master Bath

Hello sweet peas! Lisa, Cathi (our client friend) and I had big fun last week photographing the culmination of their new master bath. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!  By removing the tub, we made room for a dressed up chair and custom-finished armoire. Just so happens the shoes I was wearing matched,… Continue reading Before and After: Client Master Bath

A thankful heart

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Here is my public expression of thanks and gratitude to you for loving the road and to my amazing and sweet-as-can-be clients for allowing me to be a part of their most precious possessions: their home and family! Dear Lord, Thank you for all the joy and wonderful friends… Continue reading A thankful heart