The brightest star

Hi friends,
How are you coming on those new year resolutions/dreams? I was plugging along on mine, excitedly ready to share my progress with you but instead my world was turned upside down two weeks ago when I received the news that my dear friend Wilma, who has been battling cancer like a champ, was on her last days. I’m very sorry to say this past Thursday we said our final goodbyes  – for now.
My friends, words cannot express what a tremendously sad time it is for so many of us. Because Wilma was not your average bear. She lit up a room upon entering -blew it up – and loved everyone and everything about life. She could make you feel like you were the most loved person in the world and whatever you did, you were the best  “because it comes from within” she said with gusto. You need only to look around the cathedral to see there was not one empty seat. Her light radiated far and wide.  
a favorite pick of Wilma making it happen in South Beach, Delano Hotel. The trip was all for her. 

Happy I packed that romper. She rocked it. 
Rachael and Wilma. Sisters. 
Wilma taught us all to hold your girlfriend’s hands. Hold em tight! xo

She left behind a sweet husband, three beautiful children, the sweetest Mother, her loving family from New York and hundreds of grateful friends that she touched with her infectious and electric smile and personality. She is reunited with her Father, who lost his battle with Cancer four months ago.

I had the honor and the privilege to help Wilma with one of her wishes, redesigning her home. It was and will be one of the best things I’ve ever done. Every moment spent at her house working with or without her (sometimes it was too painful for her to get out of bed) was bittersweet and I cherish. I hold vividly in my heart and mind her and I roaming aisle after fabric aisle talking the talks. She was so brave. 

Wilma blazed a trail of good times and leaves a legacy of a life well lived. I’m missing that enormous big smile the most right now. Dentist Washington did such a great job. I can hear her enlivened voice as she would grab my hand and shake it back and forth, eyes BRIGHT, telling me I was amazing for this or that. No sweetheart, you are the amazing one. And damn if you didn’t make us all feel like gold in your presence.
I miss my sweet friend, Wilma the Warrior. I thank God everyday we met and for Rachael, who introduced us. I also met one of her best friends from New York this week, Raquel, and thanked her for bringing Wilma to us. “You moving to Atlanta? I’ll move to Atlanta!” And here comes Wilma. 
She was the bravest person I know. A true soldier of God. Her faith was very important to her. She set such an awesome example to live your best life.

Holy smokes
Wilma and I shared special talks about life with an angel Mother. I reassured her that not a day goes by I don’t think about Mom, honor Mom or consider what Mom would do, and that her daughter, Anna Kate, will most certainly do the same…”not that you’re going anywhere!”.  There is no bitterness and eventually you feel special. You know in your heart you’ve got A-NUMBER ONE, your biggest fan looking out for you and every now and then she blesses you with special little signs letting you know, I’m still here. Wilma got a lot of peace from those talks and I’m happy I was able to give her that. Tiny in comparison to what she gave me. 
“I dream about being a better friend because mine are so amazing, I can’t keep up” I recently wrote. She brought out the best in me, in all of us, and I am a better friend to others. No question. I promise to honor her spirit with big kindness and big love and will forever tell my Jack “you better act like Jesus today!”, like she so often said to her own Jack. We all laughed for one glorious moment on Thursday when her oldest son, 8 years of age, told us he would miss hearing her remind him of that. God bless those children. Keep em safe. Keep em strong. 
I’ll miss her deep guttural laugh she had. She was just a peanut of a thing and had this big satisfying laugh. You were so happy you were the cause of it.
A beautiful statement made about Wilma on her facebook page…
“Few people are just so genuine and kind as you. With just a simple smile, and sincere beautiful spirit you have left an incredible message of hope, faith and love to so many. Your beautiful smile, and loving soul will forever be remembered and missed. ” 
Well said my friend.
I’ll end now and share with you Wilma’s favorite book from childhood,  The Little Prince, and this her favorite quote, “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” That, my friends, sums up our girl and her life.
(curly girl designs)
Wilma, I will be seeing you only with my heart now but will always look to the sky each night for your light. Sleep well sweet friend and please give Mom a big kiss for me up there. She is going to love you.
Until next time,


  1. what a beautiful friend. beautiful friendship. beautiful woman. so sorry for your loss…. i know she is holding hands with the King now. xo

  2. That was an amazing story about your friend Jen. What a beautiful family…I cried when I saw the picture of her with the kids under the umbrella. What a great photo. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Love Ya,

  3. Girlfriends are such a blessing and Wilma sounds like she is extra special. The older I get the more I want to be that to my sister friends. Your blog is such an inspiration and I am so impressed with the woman you have become. Hang in there…I am so sorry for your loss.

    Jodie K.

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