Cheers to twenty twelve! Such an exciting time of year to reflect, clean the slate, start fresh, write down goals, start eating healthy again, all that hubbub we tell ourselves and I say why not? All for the greater good to sit, ponder and think about things for a bit. Look back on where we’ve been and daydream on where we want to go. There are so many things that we all want to do in life, so it’s time to go and grab it. Of course, not everything is going to be easy, but nothing is impossible. From checking out Home & Land Packages if you are thinking about buying your first home and buying a car, to landing your dream job, these are just goals that you have to work towards. Who hasn’t sat around and thought about what they would do with all that lotto money?

As a blogger, you’re thinking eew yeah, what can I say, how do I want to approach this auspicious time? And I came across this interesting tidbit from my stella and dot weekly report I want to share with you…

“According to Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech., people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as the people who don’t, and yet 80% of Americans say they don’t have goals. Sixteen percent do have goals, but don’t write them down. Less than four percent write down their goals, and fewer than one percent actually review them on an ongoing basis. Guess which one percent?” – Dan Zandra, “Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?”

Well what do you think? Shall we get to writing? What DO YOU dream about for the new year or the next five? I have to say it was a fun exercise conjuring up mine and some made me misty, naturally, but all in all the end result is perspective. Yeah, yeah some are a bit of a stretch, but that’s the fun of it. Write it down and you. just. never. know. Next year we can meet back here and compare and really have a time of it.

I dream of actually, finally, this time for real, learning to speak French.

I dream about taking guitar lessons right along side my son and daughter, here at home.

I dream about my work being published…anywhere…I don’t care.

I dream about Wilma without cancer, Lori without pain, a world without disease, inequality, poverty and hunger.

I dream of taking a photography class and dabbling in photoshop.

I dream of hearing Mom’s voice say “Oh Jennifer”, smelling her Tatiana perfume or enjoying ANY of her cooking – just one more time.

I dream of graphic design and putting my sketches to actual color, fonts, paper.

I dream of designing a furniture line, when I can’t find the perfect piece, and naming them all after my sister, daughter, nieces and girlfriends, like Kate Spade does with her handbags (jealous).

I dream of clicking my heels against the stark white stucco backdrop of Santorini (perfect pedicure OF COURSE)…

Or the terra cotta colors of Saint Tropez.

I dream of creating logos and slogans and branding ideas and events for fellow dreamers. I love sharing ideas, creative brainstorming!

I dream of being a better friend because mine are so amazing I can’t keep up.

I dream of making a difference and living long enough to see it come to fruition in the lives of others.

I dream of finally getting my house “finished” (hah, dream on).

I dream of all my family photos organized and in albums or up in frames, anywhere but on a hard drive.

I dream of catching crabs in the Gulf of Mexico and having a big boil on the beach surrounded by family and friends.

I dream of an organized home, a chalk board to write inspirational quotes and a bulletin board to display the accomplishments of my children. I hope this dream gets realized soon especially after viewing some of the wonderful and modern homes at

I dream of less laundry and more family.

I dream of learning how to can so I can make Mom’s chili sauce. Dad and I were sad to see the last jar go on our shake and bake pork chops (still one of my favorite ways to cook pork chops, good ole shake and bake and Florence Henderson).

I dream of outdoor lights shining up in the trees, pea gravel, oak leaf hydrangeas and boxwoods galore.

I dream of accomplishing one project a month and not dreaming up a new one till all those are finished -end of story! A “project of the month” blog post perhaps?

My other dream jobs: designing window displays for Anthropologie or Bergdorf Goodman, a sideline sports reporter or running for office with no strings attached.

I dream of inspiring people to be good, do good, feel good about themselves. Remind them that life is short, take risks, make the best of it, don’t worry about what others think, its all about attitude, outlook. When you feel like you are alone, look up to the sky. Don’t dwell on the past, but look ahead. Dream up, dress up because the best is yet to come.

SWEET SWEET HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! Dream up my lovely lovelies.


*Images via Pinterest


  1. Beautiful post Jen! Thanks for the reminder to never stop reaching for the stars.


  2. I hope your dreams come true (I suspect you are already on the way to some!) but don’t forget the things that already bring you joy along the way. I am thankful for my lovely cousin Lisa who, among other things, has introduced me to your lovely thoughts and images – however frequent!

  3. your blog is such an inspiration.

    i dream of visiting the place from your beautiful santorini picture. if you find some time to reply i would be incredibly grateful. “silvienna” (find me on twitter since i dont have any of these accounts and I dont know how this reply here otherwise works ..) many thanks!

  4. Thank you for saying so! I do know there are hotels with this same view but not sure about this particular one. The image came from Pinterest. If you go to my board “wish you were here” and click on the image, it should take you to the original source or at least give you a good start. Good luck!

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