beach bound and down! part deux

One of the most widely read posts on Vreeland Road, is part one of beach-bound and down from last year, (you can revisit it HERE), where I wrote about our family’s vacation to Rosemary Beach and the surrounding areas. Big love for the area’s design, architecture and personality.

So naturally when we went back for more, I had to leave where we left off. We stayed in a beautiful home in Seagrove Beach, with insane views, which is located a mile from the famed neighborhood of Seaside on Scenic Highway 30A. I love spending time by the sea and one day I hope to live by it, or even near a bay like these homes in big bay point barrie.

After hearing us rave for ten plus years about the area, some of our family from Michigan shared in the scene. It was good times!

Here are a few shots of the house pre-mess.

Starting with the best part, the view! Notice the beautiful artwork up top. It was everywhere.

A table big enough to handle us all. Simple wicker dining chairs complete the relaxed and easy look.

These bamboo directoire chairs would also work great in a beach/lake house setting and at $99 at Bohlert Massey Home Interiors, you can’t beat em!
Susan, the store owner is a sweet soul and expecting twins in July. Check out her portfolio HERE and stop by her shop in Seacrest Beach to say hello.
Those lamps were great.

Pop of green chandy to match iron railing.

Bedroom balcony view + coffee + peace
My favorite thing about the house was the view thoughtfully cut out from the outdoor shower. All six kids were huge fans of the shower.

Father and Son most likely talking about baseball or football. This area was one of our favourites due to the stunning views. It was quite open, but there were some privacy screens that you could put up if you wanted some privacy or even some shade. They were ideal, I’m not sure where they were from but I’ve seen similar ones at Versare. The sense of calm when sitting here was immense.

One day I hopped my bike down to Seaside and Watercolor to photograph some new material that caught my eye.
I thought this was a cute little dumplin of architecture. How would that look in your yard somewhere?

Its fun to catch a glimpse inside. Love the shutter doors, and those wooden orbs on the floor inside. Alabama’s state flag is the bomb with that big red x.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Had to check in with one of my favorites with a shot of my hot wheels parked out front. See the inside HERE.

All roads lead to the ocean and then there are happy little trails running in between…

…that allow you to catch views like this. The back of “String of Pearls”.

Arbor complete with swings!

Major renovation taking shape on Seaside Avenue. We’ll be sure to check back in with him next time.

Wax on, wax off. Mr Miyagi’s dream.

A gorgeous bed and breakfast with classic ceiling porch blue. Notice the privacy screen on the right tastefully designed.

Seaside chapel. Jen and Ken were married here!

I must of had a thing for white while capturing Seaside aeh? Just noticed every subject is white but sometimes there’s nothing better than simple, striking white. Like this guy below.

back in the day

doors, doors and more doors.

Someone’s dream taking shape in Watercolor. Go dreams!

Totally digging these pots overflowing with elephant ears (right?).

Remember this guy was under construction when I first photographed him for last year’s post.

Garage with sliding barn doors makes for great entertainment space. That said, if you are planning to have your own DIY barn door, you can learn, how to install barn doors here.

Simple shudder style

And just a few more from the vacation vault…

A beautiful interior from a previous visit.

my guys…slays me every time.

A stunner of color in Rosemary. Noticed the reclaimed doors bottom left. I’m big into reclaimed doors as of late. Would love to bring more of this element into my home starting with our master bedroom door and converting it into a pair of eight foot reclaimers. That would be nice.

The overflowing pots of ivy and lanterns caught my eye here.

Notice the little stinker, stage right, throwing sand on us.

There is nothing better than the natural patina of all those shutters…talk…dirty.

A black and white brick beauty

“Simple” – the way to live!

Hope you enjoyed this second installment of one of the most beautiful places on earth and I wish you a very happy vacation past, present and future!

Jenny from the rock