All in a day’s work…

Have you ever written down every single thing you do in a day? I read somewhere that its a good exercise but who has the time? I decided one crazy Monday to give it a shot just to see. Here goes…

1. Rise and shine 6 a.m. make lunches, coffee, breakfast.
2. Run outside for 40 minutes (a glorious morning and a good draw on shuffle).
3. Load and unload laundry. Dejavu. Gosh, this feels so familiar???
4. Get ready but outfit needs to be ironed. Hells bells.
5. Pick up client to shop for two plus hours.
6. Run home for lunch: email and a few pins while eating last night’s stir fry.
7. Dash into paint store for samples. Check out rope for mirror project (damn rope is expensive).
7. Take artwork to Hobby Lobby for framing and shop for clients.
8. Bingo! Found some goods for dining room project, text client, she’s on her way.

 New mirror selection at Hob Lob. Would mud up the finish.   

9. Send her off smiling with a new pair of lamps for her foyer and centerpiece accents in tow. Check, check.

10. Jog into Tuesday Morning (since I’m over here) and park next to this bitchin Trans Am! Find tray for client and resist the urge to go into Goodwill.

Fail. Leave Goodwill empty handed but not before snapping a shot of his vintage Hendredon bedroom set. So very cool in the right setting.

11. Anxiously drive to bus stop worried I’m late. Whew! I’m not. Hugs and kisses from sweaty little chickens.

12. Feed snacks to four and sweep floor (my gawd you all are messy).

13. Fade in and out on the sofa while each kid rotates 1/2 hour piano lesson, Shark Week on in the background.

14. More rotation of laundry and folding – thinking my idea of an in-home laundry service is still a good one!

15. Make about ten calls and answer 30-40 texts and emails throughout the day. NOT while driving.

16. Ride the kids to do homework and clean their rooms without losing my sht.

17. Run to the store for dinner and ingredients for a week’s worth of dinner in grease-lightning speed (grocery tab $123.00 – not bad for 5 dinners, breakfast, lunches, snacks and two cheap bottles of wine. This meal planning thing really works!).

18. Feed everyone, talk about days, and start the process of cleaning kitchen and lunch boxes – u again?!

19. Jump outside at twilight to photograph back yard for upcoming garden post while taking out trash.
Already dreading daylight savings in October. Why the darkness?!

My oversized urns purchased at The Home Depot filled with ivy, dragon winged begonias and a palm plant. Need to crusty the urns up somehow…

20. Hard boil eggs, expiration date approaching. Nasty (but Daddy likes em).

21. Make the easiest, tastiest five-ingredient tortilla chicken soup with left over chicken stock in frig (combine pulled chicken from rotisserie with can of green salsa, chicken broth, can of cannellini beans and cumin. Bring to boil. Top with green onions, tortilla chips and sour cream before inhaling serving).

22. Chop up melon for breakfast.

23. Pour glass of wine – make it a big one (AMEN).

24. Kiss family goodnight. Rejoice – finally that damn t.v. is off!

25. Retire to office to write in peace and put together new client proposal, thanking the Lord for another new exciting project…you’ve been good to me ba – by, better than I been to myself yeah yeah…

And when Hubby asks, “so babe what’d you do today?” Well here you have it darling. Multi-tasking at its finest…all in a day’s work.

TIMBER…me falling flat on my face into bed.

God bless your busy days! I know I’m not the only one…

p.s. This post is dedicated to Mom. Yesterday was her birthday. She is 65 in heaven. Happy birthday Mom! Keep looking out for us. xoxo


  1. Glad to see this post and last night Ann Romney expressed the life of a woman/mom very well. She gave women a lot of credit and I DO TOO!!!!! I REMEMBER THE DAYS AND THEY WEREN’T EASY THEN AND THEY AREN’T ANY TIME!! Bless all you mom’s (and dads 😉 too).

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