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Hi friends!

How you all doing this FINE FALL day? 
FANNNtastic I hope! 
My heart is FULL this week (what’s with the emphasis on f?) and I wanted to share what’s been going on. For starters, I spent a chicken-soup-for-the-soul weekend with my high school girlfriends at the beach last weekend. Four days later and I’m still smiling ear to ear. BUT while I was down there, I made a very important discovery I want to share with you, especially my 30A beach readers… dealer “It Fits” at Lily Pads. 
Have I died and gone to heaven? 
He’s located in the back right corner and did not have ONE thing in his booth I didn’t need, want, love. I was so enamored with all his things, I barely took any pictures! I stood there in awe trying to soak it all in and get my mind right on which beach client needed what and where?! However I did manage to snap a few and picked up a little something something for my beach adobe that I think you will like, here goes!

Okay team, have I just missed the boat on this one? Or is this new for you too? Letters cut out of old books. I thought that was pretty special, considering how in the hay does he do it? But let’s not stop there…check out the table they are sitting on (should of gotten a better shot, I know!), the sliver of the squared off block lamp to the left, the killer frame on that mirror top left…let’s keep moving…next…

Contemplated this light for my client’s powder room in Watersound, but then I remembered the mirror is going to be driftwood and we can’t be all matchy matchy with our finishes. No ma’am.

Again, let’s take a peek on what’s going on in the background…another shot of that mirror bottom left and take a look at the oversized sconce wrapped in wrought iron branches. He had amazing sconces all over the place! If you look real hard bottom right corner, the arm artifact wall hanging, how cute would that be with a dish towel or hand towel hung over it? The brass port hole mirrors, perfect anywhere! And I know you can barely see it, I promise to take better pictures next time, but there was an old rope ladder with wooden steps that he had styled against the wall as shelves! Just as I was drooling over it, the lady came by to mark it sold. Lucky, lucky soul! She said he could probably get another one. FYI.

Another awesome pair of sconces. I’m going back for these! Just need to figure out if they’ll be for moi or my clients? Love the branch hooks they hang from as well.

Are you kidding? I LOVE this guy! Reminds me of the sweet guy that gave Nemo and Dorie a ride. And I love to work in off beat whimsical one-of-a-kind finds like this into my client’s decor. I texted it right away to my friends Julie and Anisa who are busting their bottoms to design the next big thing restaurant to hit Rosemary! SO HAPPY for them! That place is going to rock! And its a sushi restaurant. Talk. Dirty. Real quick, check out the big thick shelf, hung with those industrial brackets in the background and the white pendant on your right.

I took this pic, first and foremost, to show my design sister Lisa as I thought what a cool way to display her pendants for sale…from pallets? Yet another awesome use for pallets. We could totally do a whole post on pallet this and that just from Pinterest alone. Another time. I bet some of you are surprised to learn about pallets being used in this way, as most people tend to associate them with what people use for delivering items from place to place. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how businesses transport some of their items to their customers, and with the help of places like Pro-Tect Plastics, you can find stretch wrap holders that can protect your delivery even further. I’ve heard of this being done on numerous occasions by some people. But anyway… Back to the lights, I’m digging the spotty sphere lights! I was dead set on doing something nautical (more like the ones you see in the background) for over my beach kitchen island but now I’m starting to think maybe something like these? Something different! Check out the mirror in the background too.

This gorgeous brass light was more along the lines of what I might hang over my kitchen island but now I’m not so sure. Regardless, its gorgeous and the bar stools are stout! Notice the basket back right, its a floor lamp! So awesome. I just love coming across talent and creativity like this. It sets me on fire.   I’ll try to get the scoop on Mr. It Fits when I’m down in two weeks and maybe we can interview him for the road or see if he has a website or fan page.

You all remember my CRUSH on this vintage photograph from the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach house post HERE. I follow designer Erika Powell on Instagram and she was sweet enough to inform me it was no longer available  :-((((( because she was keeping it for herself! :-))))))) GOOD FOR HER!

So when I came across this pillow at Mr. It Fits, I gladly rewarded myself and thought this will do in satisfying my taste for vintage bathing beauties. You gotta love the fancy parasols they carried. Maybe we should bring those back…along with big hats and drive in movies. 😉

There’s a sweet little gift shop/home store that opened up across the street from our place, called Nuance Living. It’s a husband and wife, she the designer, he the architect and they often have antique treasures mixed in with local art and jewelry. I purchased three of these antique fishing lures I’ll be tying ribbon to and using as ornaments for this year’s nautical Christmas tree at the beach. Probably a little too excited about that…

Another great find from Nuance I found on our anniversary weekend, is this vintage flask in its original leather case for my husband’s someday, over the rainbow, bar and lounge. I hadn’t even thought of a gift…saved by the bell!

There is a super fun children’s store in Seaside called Duckies that I cannot wait to get some Santa shopping in over Thanksgiving. I try to buy all my baby gifts there too because its stuff you don’t find elsewhere. Little Sienna Jane, newest to the party, will be getting something sweet as pie from her Aunt Jenny Jen soon. Meanwhile I picked up these garland letters for Soph. I thought we could spell her name or write U ARE MY SUNSHINE and drape them above her bed?

I was so impressed with their style and zeal, I looked up other items by Wendy Addison for Chronicle books HERE.

And what’s a beach weekend without beach drinks overlooking the Gulf at Bud and Alleys!? Here’s our “drink of the day” shot but more importantly, let’s talk about that pinkish one on the left…”stoli stress reliever”. It was tay-stee and I wanted to share the recipe with you right quick:

Stoli Vodka
Montego Bay Coconut Rum
Mix of cranberry and pineapple juice.

Keep it in mind for next Summer or when you’re somewhere tropical!

And last but not least, my clients mirrors showed up this week, along with two new ditties for our master bath. I’ve come to realize I have decorating A.D.D. when it comes to my house.  I’m all over the place! I have so many projects to share with you all that have just one or two more tweaks before the big reveal (mudroom, pantry, office, loft photo walls and now master bath) if only I could just focus on one and get her done. I really need an assistant…

I’ll be back real soon to share with you all the MAGIC at Room Service Atlanta this week. Working there has been such. a. gift! I didn’t want to say goodbye yesterday :-((((. It was like being back in college with everyone decorating their dorm rooms. I’ve made so many great new friends and enriched the ones I already had. I cannot wait to fill you in on all the details. But for now I’m off to the Country Living Fair. Promise to take a lot of pictures of anything and everything beautiful, inspiring, fresh and interesting!

Big love to you all! Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Jenny from the rock


  1. He must be new there…looks like some pretty awesome stuff! I always try to sneak down that way every time I go. I want it all too!!! Missed you last night at MG&BW 🙁

    1. Hated to miss you all!!! But it was the birthday girl’s call. :-(( Got the scoop on Mr. It Fits. Lives in Chicago most of the time. Took a lot more pics of his things this weekend. Will share soon! xoxo

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