Dream on!

At the beginning of the year I wrote the road’s most popular post Daydreaming HERE where I listed goals for another exciting new year. I was inspired after reading a statistic on the importance of writing them down, revisiting the list throughout the year and how very few people actually do this. But the tiny four percent that do, see results. Hmmm, interesting? Well I’m flat out ecstatic to tell you that one of the goals…

“I dream of my work being published someday, anywhere, I don’t care” 

has come true!

(And just in the nick of time…is next week really Thanksgiving?!).

Next month when I’m standing in the check out line, I can pick up Atlanta Magazine and read all about  Lisa and I’s kitchen design inside! Can you even stand it???

I. could. cry. And God knows I will.

TODAY is the photo shoot and we’ve been driving all over town picking up items in hopes to perfectly style the shoot and make it come alive on those full color pages for you. Styling for a shoot is very important (and a lot of work).  I cannot wait to fill you in and share with you everything I learn today because this is a whole new world for me team! I’m chomping at the bit to watch it all go down. 

I will tell you I’ve watched and read A LOT of my friend’s work published and it is absolutely THE BEST feeling! I’m just having a hard time believing its our turn this time around.

Thank you all for loving the kitchen like you have! Its been so fun watching it take on a life of its own on Pinterest. Thank you to Lisa Mowry, our fairy Godmother and rock star producer! Thank you to our clients for blessing us with the perfect project. And thank you for reading and loving the road. I COULD NOT wait to share it with you all – truly the very best part!

Take one thing from today’s post, DON’T EVER STOP DREAMING! If it can happen to little ole Jenny Hehl from little ole Flat Rock, it can happen for you too (insert Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Can Happen” song here). I’ll be blaring it on my way over to the shoot this morning.


a happy, humbled and misty eyed jenny from the rock


  1. So happy for you both! Can’t wait to see it in the magazine. Congratulations..what a great week for this to happen. Giving thanks week!

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