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Hi friends! It’s been a wild couple of weeks and its only getting wilder. I’m sure you can relate.

As I type, boxes upon boxes of Christmas decorations are piled high on my dining room table with no live tree in sight. However, I refuse to get stressed out about the holidays and all the madness that comes with. I’ve got a best friend at home grateful for her next breath, the anniversary of a fallen hero from High School approaching, a dear friend, wife and mother who passed last January to pray for and lanterns to light in honor of Lily, our 11-year-old neighbor, fighting for her life. Stress and holiday decor seem so trivial and can most definitely wait. 
Instead I’m making time for lunch dates, holiday get-togethers, birthday parties and baby showers. The season of yes!  Embrace the chaos. Celebrate the moments. We can all take a long nap in January when its over. 
If Mom’s village doesn’t make it out this year, she’ll understand. She’d rather me continue to hang on my child’s every word, listening, being present, avoiding the distractions as I have been trying much harder to do as of late. Ending the work day at three – end of story. Celebrating those magic moments that only a childhood Christmas brings because Lord knows the days of Santa and “Elfy”are numbered. 🙁 
When I wrote the title for this post (I do it backwards, title first, body second – weird), I intended on taking you through the projects I’ve been working on over the last month. From Alabama to Atlanta to Florida (road warrior!) but we’ve got plenty of time for that. Instead a sweet reminder, from your fellow fan cheerleader, to exhale and remember why we’re here…for family, for friends, for some good madness. Don’t let the tide take ya over! 
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I guess the title does have some relevance. I am on a plane this weekend, back home, to celebrate above said friend’s 40th birthday! I am counting down the minutes to hug her and her family. They need our prayers. She and I, thick as thieves since the third grade. Double bonus, I’ll be spending a night with all my MSU roommates for our annual holiday chow down throw down. I’ve missed a few over the years and am grateful to have both this weekend. There will be a lot of tears, a lot of laughs and a lot of calories.

one of our classic, set the timer, group picture attempts 
I promise when I return we’ll get back to the business of design. And oh do I have a 2013 in store for you my pretties! I’ll bring you up to speed on some exciting projects I’ve been blessed with, a gorgeous holiday home tour and ultimately get around to some holiday decorating at mi casa. Inspire you with some new twists and turns perhaps? Never been an advent calendar kind of family but hey, we’ll give it a go…
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Sweet holiday season to you and yours! Don’t forget to live it! 
Jenny from the rock

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!! So true – the holidays can be so overwhelming with “obligations” of things we deem important – and we can so easily miss the things that truly are! Great reminder to all of us!

    Have a great time back home! My folks moved in 1995 down to Naples, FL – so we don’t get back really any more. We did grow up in an awesome town didn’t we! So many great memories.

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