Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

Hi friends! A little kiss-on-the-cheek post for this Valentine’s Day. I left the Charlie Brown tree by the front door after Christmas this year and we covered it in paper snowflakes the kid’s made for a little “Winter decorating” in January. And then draped it in these .97 cent Valentine paper chains I found at Walmart.

I’m always on the hunt for simple and tasteful holiday decor and thought heck this should do the trick. I really hope my chickens look back on their childhood someday and think of their childhood home fun, festive and more importantly, safe and loving.

Speaking of the baby chicks, last Monday as I was perusing the aisles of Target dreaming up what sort of Valentine’s they would bring to school, I thought you are SO your Mother’s daughter. God forbid they just bring the damn dip-n-sticks and sign their name to it! Fricken loved dip-n-sticks growing up. And that would make a FINE Valentine. But nope. Its gotta be something semi-creative or it just wouldn’t be “Cindy”. Which is totally alright by me. It makes me feel connected to her in my day-to-day and she did it for us so I’m doing it for them.

I boycotted the overpriced seasonal candy aisle and grabbed a “party bag” of miniature Kit Kats for $9 for both kids (with plenty left over but going fast ;-)). Grabbed the striped bakers twine from the dollar spot and cellophane treat bags (50 count) for two bucks. Downloaded this sweet free printable HERE from Jones Design Company and called it a day for Sophia. Good news, she loved them.

For the Jack man, I found the last two packs of these sports themed cellophane bags at Target for $2 each, some grosgrain red ribbon from Walmart and the craft paper tags I had from Christmas from the Hobby Lobby. Had Jack stuff and sign them with a red marker and good news, he was happy and excited to share his too.

Last year I downloaded this fun print from Armommy I set out with my Charlie Brown tree this year.

And for the last two years have ordered her precious treat bags (which I cannot find a pic of – shocker) customized for Jack and Sophia. However she ran out of time this year but promises to have em back next year, with some new designs added too. I’ll be sure to give you all a head’s up the minute she comes out with them.

So I picked up these sweet-as-pie treat bags for Soph to give to her little friends here in the neighborhood and couldn’t resist the “checkin you out” card kit, both from Target. Maybe one of these cards for my lover boy? That would now make three Valentine’s I have to choose from for him…issues.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! I hope you have a day filled with love, kindness, kisses and lots of red and pink! I’m going to try to squeeze my you know what into some red skinny pants today. Hah, those should last till lunch. ;-)))