Where have you been?

Hey there! Remember me? Your designer friend. Holy month of May. Poof! Up and gone already.

Kicked off my birthday month with a bang and met my HERO Mary McDonald at ADAC. Wanna talk about star struck…for the first five minutes I don’t think I really comprehended what she was saying to me. And I’ve met a few famous people in my lifetime. I’d like to think I’m not so J.V. when it comes to socializing but there was something about Mary… 😉

Stalking Twitter and this picture pops up of me offering Mary my necklace for her new show. I about died when I saw it. What up Miss Green Jeans?

Then it was on to Mother’s Day. Hmmmmmm. I’m hopeful someday it will be more about my kids and I, instead of me missing Mom every year and wanting to take a long nap (aka hide in my bed) and gorg myself on a gyro, feelin sorry. I didn’t write anything this year because who wants to listen to Debbie Downer??? But I wrote a piece HERE and HERE that gives you a tiny taste of a wonderful Mother’s love, that I’m very proud of and extremely grateful for #raw #real

belle of the ball 

AND OH LORDY, it was time for 40! So far being 40 rocks. But I would be greatly re-missed if I didn’t mention my bestie Lori. She didn’t live a month past her 40 birthday, something I thought about and struggled with, the entire time leading up to my big day. My heart still broken to bits. I spent the day thinking about her, making her a promise to LIVE CRAZY for the both of us, like, crank it up, arms wide open, bright as yellow, kind of LIVE. Can’t touch this.

being mom (candice K photography)

And a week later, my first born, sweet-as-can-be, turned TEN. No words.

candice k photography

Oh wait, isn’t this a design blog (shut up 40-year-old)? Although somedays I’d just like to put together mix tapes for you all and carry on about my most recent SHAZAM (!!!) I’m diggin and DANCE.

Ok, onto design. I had the most AMAZING lunch at my mega-talented designer friend Lindsey’s house. For starters, WOW, our designer get-togethers have really taken it up a notch since Lisa and Lindsey’s house…

Secondly, Lindsey’s house is OFF the chart. Someday soon you’ll see it on the cover of House Beautiful and we’ll all be like remember when?! Between her and my last post on Tobi Tobin, I’ve been blazing a trail of changes all over my house…

My new goodwill floor lamp, Summer pillows and wall of mirrors, awaiting a big fat gold sunburst to float smack dab in the middle of them and yes, finally some birch logs! How long have I been talkin bout those? Need one more for each urn #ruleofthree Absolutely loving the new view the mirrors provide!

Picked up this big A$$ shade for my new floor lamp, strangely the lamp reminds me of something my Grandparent’s had in their funeral home which made me love it even more.

Lover boy said the three magic words on birth day this year…”get your drapes”. Mary McDonald’s tangerine Chinoise Palais panels for the main room. #talkdirty

Just waiting on the gorgeous Labyrinth tape for the leading edges. Backordered. Boo. Pondering a lucite drapery rod or antique brass?

come to mama

I’ve been craving color and wanting to EDGE things up around here so I’m blowing it up (shock-a-rama).

Bring the noise.

Bring the funk.

Which meant i needed to find a new spot for my shutters.
Found it!
Especially love how they look from outside, which got a little blown up too, stay tuned.

Rearranged the living room completely, over the holiday weekend. Here it is in its early stages, and its living much larger. Need to come up with some sort of design solution for that eye soar above the mantle. Thinking recessed into the wall, with some sort of cover over it…

Somedays I’d like to light a match to the fireplace too, while I’m at it, and do something like this (my friend Jilly’s fireplace, it use to look exactly like mine).

I promise to give you that before and after tour soon. Nickel floors in the kids bath, blue mason jar pendant lamps, lots of love and creativity. My friend Jill has major design prowess. I was strictly the sideshow.

Next up… a big phat disco ball to hang HERE now that we have the extra room to dance. That is at the top of the list before we bolt to Michigan. Sophia is very excited about the disco ball…”make sure its a big one Mom!”

What do you all think of these pillows for my super fun colorful client…

Paired with some of this sexiness…

and a few of these…. 

I’m close to having her talked into a disco ball too. 😉

I wanted to share this chain link wallpaper sample we’ll be stenciling on a client’s bathroom wall soon…cannot wait. BTW I have an amazing stencil artist if you ever need to jazz up a space or ceiling. Just let me know.

After meeting Mary and Martyn this month, I toured this beauty. All yours for a mere 10 MIL.

I really liked the palette of the foliage here and the door detail. Wouldn’t it be fun to have all your interior doors like this?

Are you guys bored yet?
Well check out this lively Friday night…

(that was a joke).

 hubba hubba in the chair there made me sell the picnic table in the yard sale. I know I’ll regret it. I could of really dressed it up with seat cushions and a metal galvanized top.
I was so fired up to finally get some string lights out here (only been on the list for five years)!!!!! But clearly stopped at that. ;-))) I had the column installed in the corner to anchor the lights and such great ambiance now. Thinking late Summer, when all the outdoor patio furniture goes on sale,  I’ll come around to this space. I’d love to blow out that back window and add some doors someday. Damn I wish he was handy. 
Total pipe dream when putting this curtain trim, grass cloth and favorite wallpaper pattern from Brunschwig and Fils together for the dining room. 

Speaking of dining room, will need your HELP in choosing a color to paint the chicken’s new used piano…

My first inclination is MINT. Won’t that look great up against the Brunschwig & Fils paper?

Keep calm and dream on Jen.

Much more to share. I actually finished one of those “post holiday projects” I wrote about months ago and it lead to another great idea I think you’ll enjoy. Been gonzo on the house projects, hoping to have lots to show you before I break for the mitten and the big Room Service Atlanta reveal that you all helped me with is up next!

Thanks for hanging in there!
Jenny from the rock