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I recently read the term “white hot Wednesday” and kinda liked the sound of it (grrr). I thought maybe I should come up with a quick, inspiring hump day post which is fairly common…”Wednesday white” or “its a wonderful world Wednesday” and thought about this GORGEOUS home for sale nearby I’ve been wanting to share with you. Its well, white, hot and wonderful! And it may not be Wednesday (I tried) but worthy of any day of the week. This doesn’t seem like the kind of house that the owners would ever struggle to sell but you never really know in this economy. Many people have been sat on a property they’ve been trying to close a deal on for months and often it can restrict their ability to move and can put pressure on their finances if they’re waiting for lengthy periods of time. A friend told me about The Buy Guys whose main deal is this: “we buy houses atlanta and nationwide”. This fast and painless process of getting paid in cash for a home that is struggling to sell could be precisely what these people are looking for. It’s all about finding a solution that meets your needs.

A shot of the front entry with those gargantuan, in a really good way, gas lanterns and zinc planters. Often times less is so much more.
Let’s start in the kitchen because its oh so fabulous! All the cabinets were designed by the homeowners, the Mrs., who is a designer herself, Lauren Obert (and a sweet friend of mine. I cannot wait for her to launch her wall covering line and you all will be the first to know about it). Paired with the pendants, mirror, bar stools, its a super rad mix. Dig the contrasting finish on the lower cabinets with just the right touch, round knob. Notice all the deep drawer spaces instead of doors. Doors are slightly overrated.

“Then I said damn!” there’s my ALL TIME lover of a sink and faucet. And because I have never laid eyes on such beautiful appliances before, I’m really hoping that they stay in tact. I couldn’t think of anything worse than them needing to be repaired, but even if they do, I can always contact somewhere similar to Nance Services to come and resolve the problem for me, as I’ve heard that they did a great job for my friend and her broken faucet. So, I’m sure they’ll do the same for me if needs be. But fingers crossed, they stay in pristine condition.

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for ten get out years this August and I’ve walked, stalked, talked through a ton of homes. Not to my knowledge, had someone thought to resize the opening between the kitchen and living and add those practical and pretty cabinets on either side. Genius! Moreover, for the love of symmetry.
One last shot of the kitchen before we move into the living room. Great angle with all that natural light flooding into the picture. This has pin me! pin me! written all over it.

Rug, mirror, sconces, chairs…do we need to say more? Throw in a mod lucite cocktail table and its a party goin on right here… A celebration to last throughout the years…

I can recall driving by and seeing this killer Visual Comfort light in the window, kicking myself for not even peeking and walking through while it was being built. That, in itself, has been an education and enlightening experience. I’ve watched it all, start to finish.

One of the common elements of many of the homes here is a breakfast nook. I know a lot of friends who have forgone the idea and styled them into a lounge area, keeping room, coffee twalk space.
However, these folks decided to bag the ten by ten or ten by twelve space all together and added a mud room instead, which was a great call considering the dining room is just on the other side OR like a lot of families, spend the majority of nights eating around the kitchen island. I know we do. So much so, I design kitchen islands with comfortable seating on three sides, instead of one, where family and friends can make eye contact and converse with one another better.

Here’s a good exterior shot of the mud room space coming home from the alley.

Powder room perfection.

Third floor playroom space with the cutest teepees and striped rug ever.

Love the capiz chandy in the master and I spy an Ikea dresser that looks swell in so many settings!

The master bath, so pretty, so serene. The sconce/mirror/ sconce/ mirror/ sconce combo won’t let you down and I spy a tiny glimpse of a gorgeous tub in the mirror’s reflection. I see spaces like this and think wow, you need to pare down, dial her back on the visual clutter. 😉

A secondary bath with killer floor tile and nice deep center drawers. Key. Key.

Here’s a pic I took one nice Summer stroll on my bike, a year or so ago, that I have not gotten around to posting. I saw three sets of doors, pea gravel and the mud room and was all over it.

Lastly, we just returned from our five week sojourn in Michigan and it too was white hot. I took this video, my last morning waking up at Torch, seeing the lake reflecting on the ceiling and that beautiful chandelier we picked out here at The Queen of Hearts. I wanted to remember it forever.

I cannot wait to share the rest with you. All the beauty and splendor that is #puremichigan Summers! Till next time friends!

Jenny from the rock


  1. Try catching you next summer to see you. We stay in Lake all summer and we just love coming home to Michigan summers!! Pure! Sally

  2. Your home is beautiful, and I love your aesthetic! Would you mind please telling me what colors you painted your interior walls? Especially your dining room. I am remodeling a home in New Orleans and I having a difficult time picking neutrals…but I love yours!

    1. Hi, are you speaking of the home above? Or my home? I can ask my friend what color she used in her dining room above. If you are speaking of my dining room, it is Appaloosa by Pratt and Lambert. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a beautiful space! Any chance you know the maker of the powder room vanity? It looks silvered oak with a marble top? I’ve been looking everywhere! Thanks for the info!


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