Back to work: a few project updates and a sneak peek

Its back to the races for us here at J. Sho Design and we’re feeling extremely fortunate. I’m thrilled that clients are hiring us, more and more, for projects beginning at the architectural planning stages, where I can manipulate layouts and come up with ideas and suggestions that help the house feel, look and live better. Starting with this beauty below that was just a big set of plans scrawled across my dining room table but “look at me” now…

(The Keeping Room with Restoration Hardware chandelier)

Last week I was able to check in on “the manor” project we’ve been working on for almost a year and in the home stretch! After being gone, I was crazy to finally see all the planning, decision-making my sweet clients and I have worked so hard on. Big fun.

A sophisticated kitchen underway…

One of the biggest decisions to make, always, is the floor stain but honestly, could you really go wrong with any of these colors? Which one is your favorite? One through five, starting at the top left. 😉

The Butler’s Pantry! Can you stand it? Its as big as my entire kitchen, haha.

I just dig the bronze smoked glass.


I shrieked (and scared the sht out of everyone) when I walked in and saw the dining room light. Its the boss in this room. However, the hand-painted wallpaper we’re angling for will hold its own. The two should make a mighty fine pair.

Love the gothic arched bookcases in this study. We’ll be sexin it up with some Mary McDonald Fretwork panels and python pillows. 

Outdoor fireplace, off the kitchen/keeping room is ready for wood! Outdoor kitchen is just to the left.

The pool is almost finished…

Marco! Polo!
I know, what’s with the dirt hole??? Well I had to show you where the in ground trampoline was going 😉 Boing. Boing. 

A close up the garage door hardware. Love. 
Another project I was excited to return to was this three story beauty taking shape just around the corner.

I was given free reign to manipulate the floor plan. What? So speaking my language!  I love, love, love the planning stages and floor plans. Total side note: I was considered for a gorgeous Dungan Nequette home on Lake Martin (I wrote about them HERE. One of my all-time favorite architects and a total dream of mine job). I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, just having the opportunity to  review their amazing work. I didn’t get the job but that’s ok because being considered was just as sweet. It gives you that confidence to keep working hard, stay inspired, be authentic because you never know who is watching. For example, this couple was living in Angola at the time they contacted me. You never know how far and wide your blog/work will reach and what opportunities may come knocking. So if you are still on the fence my friend, I’m here to push you off! 😉

Ok, back to the three-story stunner…

(The floor plan after the changes. The dining room, now in the front of the house, was an office, completely closed off from the rest of the house. The  main living areas are on the second floor so guest enter at the terrace level)

Aside from the master bedroom, the floor plan had all the main living areas in the back of the house, and the view of the pond completely closed off. Flag on the play. The whole point of a home on a pond is to see the pond and pretty sunsets right? Why should office space be hoarding it all? 😉 Keep in mind friends, the views, the lay of the land, sunrise and sunset are some of first things to be considered when building. So I diced it up as much as I could and came up with a WIIIIDE open floor plan complete with double doors across the front on all three levels. The intent being that everywhere you move from place to place, always a beautiful view.

(A gorgeous example of symmetry and an oversized hood as the focal point. Photo courtesy of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Design by Betty Burgess).
The second thing I did was rotate the kitchen to expand the entire length of the space between dining and living and move the sink out of the kitchen island and over to the outside wall, again, where the view of the park now comes into play (make that two sinks please). Anything to brighten the dreaded task of dishes I say! Followed with an oversized custom hood designed for the focal point. I feel like all this openness and flow, will make it live larger, feel better and be a great home for entertaining.

I checked in on this client’s progress and was so excited to see this chair!

Ohhh my sweet little client was so torn on covering this chair, even though she LOVED the fabric. It was a bit out of her comfort zone and I said you know, let’s be bold. And was reminded of a great design book I acquired this past year that immediately shot to the top of my list…

It’s called The Welcoming House, by talented and kind designers Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith of the most awesome Circa Interiors.

Not only is it full of amazing spaces but beautiful table settings, stemware and gorgeous flower arrangements. Things I use to get so much enjoyment out of. I would always bust out my fancy Saint Louis Bubble glasses for guests and make whimsical flower arrangements with grocery store flowers and yard clippings. It hit me. I have became too practical for my own good! I shared it with my client and we both agreed, life’s too short, let’s be adventurous!

The week wrapped up with the wonderful news that a large, precious family out of East Cherokee County was breaking ground on their dream home! They hired j.sho design awhile back to review plans and here it is! What do you all think?

Sometime last week, I received this photo on my phone and almost fell out of bed….

(are you all thinking what I’m thinking? SWEET barn door in the background!)

Its finally happening. The kitchen hood I’ve wished on for years. The “evolution of my kitchen: before and after” post may finally make press time after, oh, ten years in the making #loveispatient

So there you have it friends. I gotta say, my first week back to work was a winner. Not at all what I was expecting for my re-entry into reality and I am grateful for the happy transition. I’m hoping this week is a lot the same for both you and I!

Make it a great one friends and as always, THANK U for reading and spending time with me. Its great to be back!

Jenny from the rock


    1. Oh my gosh, its been on my hit list forever! You know me well. ;-))) I will for sure blog about it when I do finally make it. Thanks so much for reading and the kind words! xoxo

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