happenings at the homestead

Howdy team, how was the weekend? My boys were out of my hair out of town and Mama got a lot accomplished in her quest for a happy pausing place in preparation for upcoming photographs (say that ten times fast).

Like most designers, its a perpetual state of motion around here…”but I really LIKED THE TABLE there” is something I hear often. Here are a few glimpses of what I’ve been working on, some design, some function and some just me experimenting with my new camera and lens. 
Let’s kick things off with a bang and “say hello to my lee-tle frens” (in your best Tony Montoya voice). Yes, I finally got these bad boys up. Thank you Mary McDonald for being so utterly fabulous with your patterns and trims. You make a small town girl feel like royalty. 

The family picture wall got a make over (like four). Somewhere in the East Village, my assistant is laughing, crying, jumping up and down, that this fricken project is over. I’m sorry I never got the chance to properly introduce you all to my assistant Courtney. She was a gift and will be back in a year. However, you can keep up with her HERE on Pinterest
A “Goodwill gone glam” post coming up on several lamps around the home. 
For about five minutes, everyday, the pillows look like this. Catch em while you can. 

Seagrass + lucite + brass

Just liked it…


you too.

now you see me

now you don’t (much better).

Still working out a winning coffee table vignette.


Sesame! (love my handyman).

Brunschwig. My Mother-in-law introduced me to this print twenty years ago and I still love it like it just showed up yesterday.

 I call this my Steven Schubel-inspired corner. I’m totally obsessed with his work.

 Say hello to Ruby!

I think I finally have my office gallery wall right where I want it. Here’s a little slice. All kinds of finds from over the years. That candelabra I purchased at the original Lakewood Antique show in the late 90s during my shabby chic phase. Still love it to pieces and happy its found a good home. 
It was a happy accident that I painted all my interior doors satin black instead of high gloss. DIG them in the muted finish. Thank you for that. 

Started transforming my front stairs to look more like this (but now in satin ;-)). I may stop here…

Or go full out like here…

We’ll see. Touch and go. That’s a pretty majestic staircase and a long way away from ours. But you never know. Design is full of happy surprises. 

Well that about does it for now. I’m Looking forward to sharing more images with you soon. I do, however, have one hang up I need to share. I cannot for the life of me pull the trigger on some new kitchen pendants. I’ve lived here for ten years and have never found the perfect pair that scream pick me, pick me! And its like enough already. So I may need your help. Can you help a sister out? Thanks! 
Have a great week and I hope you found something here to take home with you! 
Jenny tired 


  1. Circa’s Hicks pendants? They have them in some new finishes I believe. Or something that looks like the Hicks. Or too expected?

  2. Beautiful! And on the pendants: nothing is forever, except maybe my granite choice. Pick some pendants that make you happy and when they don’t make you happy anymore, you will have another project but no regrets. 🙂 It’s better to be happy than tortured. lol (I think I need a bumper sticker)

  3. Such much fabulousness under one roof! I adore everything and want and can’t wait to see if all in person. Such and inspiration!
    p.s. Where did you find Ruby? I’ve been looking for her (or her twin) forever.

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