and we are live!

Hello friends! I just realized I missed my four year blogging anniversary?! Hot damn time flies when you are having fun! But what better time to launch my new website aeh?  Sheeeeck it out…

I wanna thank my girl Julie over at Deluxe Designs for putting up with my anal ass and perfecting the site for me. I love it! And I hope you do too.

Next up is a lot of photographing and styling of completed projects over this last year (which is HARD work), but it was a banner year for J. Sho Design and I want to share all the inspiration, knowledge, know-how with all you lovers. xoxo

(Cobalt blue or plum or pink on the bench??? We’re wrangling with what color. So many choices!)

We decided to take a break from the blog re-design for awhile, at least until after Design Bloggers Conference, which starts tomorrow (jump around, jump around), where I’ll get a free consult with Design Sherpa on the look and feel of Vreeland Road. I can’t wait for them to tell me it stinks and all the changes I should make, LOL.

Anyhoo, I’m really proud of the job I’m doing and the business I’ve created for myself, my family, my one full-time employee and a bevy of skilled craftspeople that rock and encourage everyone to GET out there, if you’re considering the leap. Yes, it’s a lot of REALLY HARD work and yes you might cry some days and convince yourself to stay in bed 🙂 but when you are passionate and LOVE what you do, there’s just no telling where the road may lead to.

I’ll end now and tell you how much I appreciate your participation in all of this! I had a moment last week where my sister-in-law had a designer over to her house in Michigan and was like, “you know Vreeland Road?” I could have died. But none of that is possible without you and the blog. So thanks for making me feel like a rock star. Like I’m making a difference. That’s all I ask, to leave the world a little brighter and more stylish than when I began.

So cheers friends! I look forward to many more pretty, stylish and happy days on the road with you all!!!

peace out my fellow road trippers,

Jennifer Sunshine
Jenny from the rock
best friend
lover of life



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