Happy Halloween from the homestead and hood

Floating skull inside apothecary was my favorite this year. Another holiday designed around the rot box #yourdaysarenumbered  Back door greeting… Ruby got some action. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a masquerade party?  You all remember sweet Shannon’s house from last Christmas? A lot to talk about here. Coming soon. Very exciting new projects… Continue reading Happy Halloween from the homestead and hood

Here comes Fall

Its about that time… hot cider, donuts, caramel apples, outdoor fires and Fall fashion. Bring on the boots. Also about that time to start your Halloween decor, if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m hoping to spruce up chez Schoenberger this weeknd with a little holiday spook spirit and thought we could use some… Continue reading Here comes Fall

Sophia Sunshine Six

Our little sunshine girl recently celebrated her SIXTH birthday. It was like yesterday the two red lines appeared and I heard the doc say “your official due date is Halloween”. Ut oh. Is that like a bad omen? Monster baby? Eventually I overcame this hormonal thinking and started day dreaming about Halloween-themed parties he or… Continue reading Sophia Sunshine Six