Big Fun: Million Dollar Decorators

Would you agree that Tuesday is probably the dullest day of the week? When I was working for the man I absolutely dreaded Tuesdays. Yeah Mondays were rough and get a bad rap but typically very productive and fly by.
But then Tuesday came and you’re like “its not even lunch yet?” as it slowly tick, tick, ticked by.
Wednesday hump day. Half way home – yippee. Thursday’s basically Friday Eve and come Friday, well, you know what Friday’s are like. The best mood ever.
“Mama is tomorrow an S day? I love S days”
-Sophia Sunshine
So yeah wouldn’t you agree Tuesdays ride? Well my darlings not. any. more. Now that we have Bravo’s newest design show, Million Dollar Decorators. Finally something to look forward to on a Tuesday night. Spice.
In case you missed last night’s episode (I’m so sorry – It was great fun!) be sure to tune in next week because its to die for. Hilariousity (I love it when I make up words) at every turn. Not to mention all the oooooos and ahhhhhhhs of the interiors and the eccentric cast and their mega rich, mega star clients.
photo via the Wall Street Journal
I caught wind of the show coming out because I’m a HUGE fan of Mary McDonald. I was like you have got to be kidding? I get to watch her work? Big treat. Not to mention her fashion sense is amazing. There are a ton a parallels between interior design and fashion. Watching what she wears every week will be just as much fun as watching her interiors take shape.
Here are a few of my favorite interiors and quotes from her book Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style. And you can read a quick interview with her here via the Wall Street Journal. What Hermes looking towels from Kmart is she talking about???

“To be truly romantic, a bedroom must be playful. It can be chic as can be, but it must have a bit of ‘come hither’ to it. “

I love the size and scope of this master bedroom. The bed is the focal point when you walk in, however, there is plenty of space for a proper sitting room up front. I also love the marble detail around the fireplace opening. That design element would work in many different genres. Imagine a modern take with a concrete surround with the marble in some mod Northern California abode. Carrera marble is everyone’s friend!
“I don’t insist that everyone live glamorously, but once you try it, there’s no turning back.”
Is there anything more glamourous? Love seeing a different approach to painted floors with an oversized pattern here instead of the usual stripes or diamonds. Much cheaper to paint your own floors than invest in a rug this size. Would have to be I would think? The pops of sunshine. The perfectly scaled chandelier, although you know me, I’d probably use something a bit bigger.

“It takes courage to mix things up and conviction to push a look to its limit. When you do, the reward is rooms that exude passion, personality, and flair.”

She’s definitely got courage. No need to ask the Wizard for that.
Garden stools. God love em. And that desk. Such an artful mix. Notice all the texture and color those books bring in.
Love wallpaper but don’t have the dollars to cover entire walls? Well here you go. Almost anyone can install a trim rail. Have built in shelves? Paint them a pop of your favorite color. Orange? Pink? Peacock Blue? All sound amazing. Every time I see a smoke bell lantern it NEVER looks bad. How is that?
So many more images from her book I’d love to share but maybe this is a good excuse to treat yourself to a book store visit and thumb through for yourself. I think we all share the same sentiments when it comes to book stores: could spend days there! And if you missed the show, you know Bravo, it will be on again but don’t forget to tune in next week so we can chat about it. And those who did watch, this ones for you…
“Goodnight my darlings – big kiss!”
xx (cheek to cheek)

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