It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Hey there sweetness… did you all survive the Thanksgiving holiday? We spent a wonderful week back home with family and friends. There was lots of sunshine and mild temps which is such a bonus for us born and bred Michiganders where mood often hinges on cloud cover. Now that we’re all five pounds heavier, its time to start thinking about Christmas. There’s so much to organise! I know these earrings from are already on my Christmas list but I’ve still got to decide what I’m getting for everybody else as well as sort the decorations out and make sure I’ve ordered my turkey. Well bring it on I say…


(Charlie Brown – the best! Music too. I wish I could get it to play for you right now).

I noticed lots of trees and outdoor decorations went up while I was away. None here as of yet. If you’re like me, behind as usual, or still in the process, this post is for you! I’ve put together some of my favorite holiday inspiration shots and projects to get you fired up for the holidaze.

Hard to resist anything shiny and red. But surprisingly you won’t find any in my holiday decorating. What’s up with that? Source here.

Warning, do not get caught up in the stress of the season by setting crazy expectations for yourself you hear? What’s our mantra? ENJOY THE RIDE. If you’re able to decorate, shop and give this holiday: you are already blessed beyond belief. Which reminds me, I have added a new section to my blog page called “never met a cause I didn’t like”. I wish I could of thought of something half as cool to say but I did not. I read it on Erin Martin’s website and it pretty much says it all. It reminds me to stay connected to the causes I believe in, one being the Woodbourne Children’s Home. I read about this beautiful institution from Joni at Cote de Texas two years ago and the place just rocks with joy and thanksgiving for needy children. I know you agree with me when I say there is a lot of hurt out there, a lot of bad things we can try and fix but the one thing that burns me to my core is thinking about children hungry, cold or not having one single solitary gift to open on Christmas. Its like tears instantaneously fly out of my eyes. If you get a minute, watch the children’s wish list video (with plenty of tissue). The littlest gift can make all the difference.
Okay, time to wipe those eyes and deck those halls.
This tree is very similar to my tree in year’s past. Neutral with lots of texture. But this year I’m feeling kinda wild for color and my kids get on me every year about the lack there of. It will be interesting to see what transpires but right now I’m beat from decking everyone else’s halls. More on that later.
Photo source here

Mmmm beautiful bronze…

Image source here.

Wicker, wood and burlap, oh joy!

Image source here.

I need some of this buffalo check in my life stat. The child’s chair is precious. Reminds me of the adult version I “picked” in this post.

I just love my beautiful hand-made stocking crafted by my uber-talented friend, Lisa Gabrielson. Her vintage stockings ROCK the holiday every year at our neighborhood holiday bazaar show (taking place Friday, December 9th and Saturday, December 10th in Vickery Village). One-of-a-kinds adorned with sweet details: vintage jewelry and buttons, metal cut outs and beautiful trims from Italy.

How bout a moody blue holiday? A coastal Christmas tree inspired by Wisteria, a favorite catalogue, that surprisingly not everyone knows about.

A beach house tree in your future? This color combo is the perfect back drop for starfish and seashells, compliments of Martha Stewart.
Too pretty to open! (For Lara and her peacock panache this holiday. Copy that sister). Source here.
One of my absolute faves, Lisa Luby Ryan, designed this home in last year’s Veranda. Tiffany Blue. Who doesn’t love THAT color?
For all you “Pink Ladies” out there… learn how to make this fabulous wreath with ornaments here. Throw in a few vintage ones for character and crust.
Martha really is tops…
Faux bois wrapping paper and the most beautiful shade of pink ribbon. Learn how to make your own here. I must admit, faux bois is one of my favorite patterns. Martha makes a beautiful rug like this, just to know.
I ordered a bunch of this wrapping paper from Ballard Designs last year and its back again. Its the perfect back drop for any color ribbon and for all you crafters out there, the possibilities are endless! Use it year round. I recently covered $8 cork boards from Walmart in it for the office. More on that later as well.
I’ve got a soft spot for green and gold. Worst cheer uniform colors ever but hey I still love em. Learn how to make yours HERE. Not a carnation fan? I’m not much either unless they are all tightly packed like a poof ball in mint julep cups. So why not try em with pinecones, ornaments, seashells, buttons, twigs, tissue paper, glitter, feathers… you got it.

The triple wreath threat. Do it. Easy and such an impact! I want to too but the neighbors get on me if my childhood ice skates aren’t on the front door. I’ll catch all kinds a hay. But I’m sweet on them for noticing and happy they take such pleasure.

Rudolph! Bake me HERE.

Lovin the heat this simple stripe ribbon is giving off. Bam.

You know I love a crazy cupcake. Another great one from Martha HERE.

Black, white and beautiful all over…

Those are some hot wheels! This ones for you Patty. I can so see this as your holiday card. Would be cute just sitting inside some cool hipsters loft all adorned with lights against a brick wall. My rad neighbors hang one from their porch every year, complete with tinsel. I love it when people step out like that!

The. most. beautiful. advent. calendar. ever. You win the prize. No time for it in my future but maybe next year? We’ll need to start in July perhaps. Look at all the gorgeous detail. This is a great way to display those special vintage ornaments that can sometimes get lost on a big tree. Really amazing.
These next two DIY projects are PERFECT together and I’m so wanting to make them happen. I’m crazy about these star urchins for holiday and year round, and while we’re looking, check out the stenciled wallpaper, ceramic decanter, mirrored table and camel velvet sofa!!! HELLO to the style hound that lives here.
I think these trees would mix perfectly with the above… ding ding! Via Martha Stewart HERE

For those that are ginger bread house challenged (myself included) these are cardboard. One and done! Make HERE.

Love this next idea HERE. Write out sweet sayings like peace, joy, noel, bah humbug…

A special place for all those gorgeous holiday cards. Is it me or do they get better and better? Don’t have a wall for it? Look around your house and find something large and in charge you can wrap the lights around (a big urn, tall topiary trees, an old column) then affix the cards with those sweet little paper clips I found at Walmart awhile back.

Ornaments or art? Find their maker on my Pinterest page.

Another Lisa Luby Ryan holiday shot. I wrote much about her PHENOMENAL home and Christmas trees HERE. I’m feeling like I might wanna attempt to mack out my front door wreath like hers. I’ll do my best. Eye of the tiger.

Moving outdoors. Simple and understated yet so so SWEET. Painted brick: a. dream. I wish more folks up North would paint their brown brick houses a monochromatic color. The brown bricks are everywhere and would be so pretty in whites, grays, greens. I would love to hand pick exterior color combos all day long (trim, shutters, etc). I love the house number. Readily available at Lowes and Home Depot. Let’s not leave out the lantern and boxwood – you are amazingly attractive as well. Details. All of the door’s jewelry: the handle, the knock knock, the letter box at the bottom of the door (I was enamored with my Grandmother’s letter chute as well as all the old milk delivery doors and dirty clothes chutes too). Dad was forever unplugging ours and Babs and all her friends would come flying out.

Absolutely, positively in love with the arrangements here. Another wish list, those big sticks for moi’s urns out front. Image via House and Home, my new favorite magazine, via our great neighbors in the North, oh Canada.

And lastly, just when you are loving how full and decorated your home looks, thinking man I wish it always looked like this, Christmas comes and goes and its time to put it all away. Dreadful. The post holiday blues do their best to seep in, but wait, there are pretty paper snowflakes to cut out that will do perfectly well and fine all January and February long. Celebrate Winter. Why not? You can’t beat it so join it. Run through em (like fresh laundered sheets on a clothesline) and dance around!

Have you had enough sparkle and shine? I hope I didn’t overwhelm you. If you see any photo above without its due, you can find them all HERE. As well as many, many more sweet holiday pics.Here’s my holiday decorating to do/wish list:

1. One live tree for Mama, one fake tree for kiddos.

2. Thinking about a live wreath over our bed this year to frame my sunburst mirror and bring in some holiday decor and scent to the master bedroom.

3. Set up Mom’s Dickens Village homes, complete with fake snow.

4. Make a terrarium like the one spotted in Better Homes in Gardens (more fake snow).

5. Work some orange and peacock blue into the scene woman!

6. Add more natural elements to my front door wreath and urns. Sticks and sticks and more sticks. Wish I had some tall skinny birch branches!

7. Hang lights somewhere to affix holiday cards (where???). An old door leaning against the wall would be cool for this or an oversized mirror (my mind works so much better with coffee)!

8. I’ve always wanted an outdoor Christmas tree on my back patio, complete with bird seed ornaments. Probably not going to happen this year AGAIN. Darn.

9. Every year I move the placement of my live tree. This year I’m thinking centered in main bay of windows to hide the fact I still have no window treatments in there. Slacker.

10. Really want a large wreath to hang over keeping room fire place. And I mean LARGE.

11. Do I hang wreaths in my kitchen windows again this year, also to disguise the fact I have no window treatments there either.

12. Lastly, is it tacky to hang white tissue balls all throughout my dining room chandelier like falling snow?

I wish I could tell you I’ll be posting my own home’s holiday decorating soon but I’m off again. Total last minute, live-in-the-moment trip to Portland and Seattle, all thanks to my two crazy and extremely generous girlfriends that have so many hotel and airfare points, they don’t know what to do with them. Holy hot Christmas! I’m the lucky recipient of their love, laughter and friendship and that’s all I can say about that before them tears come flying out of my eyes again. I should probably thank the hubby too for making it so easy for me to come and go. Thanks for holding down the fort babe! Can’t wait to be inspired by these two hip American cities and see my BF from childhood too. Triple bonus. You know I’ll be taking all kinds of pretty pics for ya! We’re due for an iphone photo post very soon. Cheers sweets and happy decorating! Turn the music up, pour yourself a tasty beverage and bask in all this holiday goodness.



  1. Omgsh… This put me in the Christmas spirit! Thank you! Can’t pick just one thing I love.

  2. Your friend Lisa is not only an uber-talented designer, but she makes things too? Wow…are some of the other photos of things that she makes? Does she have a blog that I can follow too, or a book? Thanks for sharing her work with the world.

  3. Thank you, Anonymous. Won’t you share your name with us? I appreciate your generous comments. Feel free to become a fan on my facebook page @ Lisa Gabrielson Interior Design & Vintage Finds where I post new merchandise pics, design news, and links to great blogs like Vreeland Road. Blog coming sometime in 2012…

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