Before and After: Client Kitchen Reveal

(insert the sound of champagne being uncorked here)

Lisa and I are extremely proud and excited to be sharing with you our latest work of heart. Please enjoy the following before and after photos of a dream renovation come true.

the perfect amount of space for dancing


After…all cabinets and walls painted Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore with touches of Tranquility by Sherwin Williams. The entire kitchen ceiling was planked and white washed.

All kinds of organizational magic going on behind closed doors. Part of the design process is helping you decipher what you need and where.


After. Custom exposed shelves with wood brackets from Home Depot. Library sconces – Circa Lighting and white subway tile from Lowes with “oyster” colored grout. Large fluorescent light banished (!!!) from the kingdom and an all new lighting plan implemented, complete with dimmers on every switch. Honestly, I am so happy with how all of this new lighting turned out. The electrician that we hired using this site did such a fantastic job of installing these new lights in the best possible way. The kitchen is so much brighter now, it feels like a totally different space. With this in mind, if you are considering upgrading the lighting in your kitchen, you can discover some of the ways that an electrician can help to turn your lighting dreams into a reality here: What do you think of these new lights? Let me know as I would love to hear your feedback.

Spice drawer insert – spice drawer envy

Five course meal? No problem! This view reminds me of a French pรขtisserie.

Picture me filled with white daisies.
“Thunder White” granite was used from Premier Granite Surfaces of Cumming, Georgia.
Cabinet Hardware, “Lagarno” from Restoration Hardware

We made the decision to install the majority of the hardware pulls horizontal and centered. I absolutely love this detail. Hubba. Hubba. Much of the kithcen’s appliances are built-in to the overall design so that they are flush with all the other units to achieve a minimalist design. They are, naturally, high-end and so are things we intend on covering with a suitable real estate home warranty plan in case an unexpected incident should render our appliances damaged in some way.

Shaws Farmhouse sink. Long live the Queen!

A close up of the sink pendant and roman shade fabric. Pendant also from Circa Lighting. Fabric is “Citysquare” in misty morn by Thom Filicia Fabrics. Love you madly.

Here I am before…

Beautiful view out those windows. A kitchen sink should always have a view outdoors. A brand new sink can really make a world of difference when your kitchen is undergoing a renovation! You may want to consider custom kitchen sinks for your own home improvement project.

And here I am happily ever after…

Moving to the left…

My favorite cabinet elevation after. We added more functional drawers and visual symmetry (Oh how we love symmetry).


And after. Drywall removed and entire peninsula trimmed for a cleaner, fresher appearance. X detail added for visual interest.
Can we pause here for a moment and stare at the shades again? Right now I’m telling myself, no Jennifer you cannot keep using that fabric over and over again. Get over it.

Dining area before…

Af – ter! Custom banquette covered in Sunbrella Sand stripe and Potterybarn’s “Peyton” drapes on the window. The light fixture was a DIY team effort to rival the original from South of Market. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

A close up of the shade and its twine whip stitch finish.

While we were at it, we added planks to the two-story staircase wall in the background which made their current sofa really stand out and feel new again. The new pillows didn’t hurt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All of the styling props are courtesy of Lisa Gabrielson’s Interior Design and Vintage Finds. You can follow her new shipments HERE. Definitely an added bonus when your partner has a stock pile of beguiling accessories on hand to style and finish the look. I’d have to say this is probably our favorite part, the big finish. But who am I kidding? Everyone loves a happy ending.

Pantry doors before…
After. Our clients are fond of the barn door look so we sketched up a drawing and brought in some color with Lisa’s custom faux finish. She used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in duck egg with a little Paris gray on top and old white underneath. Then covers it all in light brown Bri-wax for depth.
With the existing doors, the homeowners could not access items “buried” to the right and left and it was very dark. So we expanded the opening, inserted new shelves (be gone wire shelving) and made the doors very stout, like knock, knock, we’re here to see the wizard stout. Now when you open – voila – let there be light and automatically illuminates.
We finished the interior doors in chalkboard for love notes, lists or daily inspiration…”you musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darlings!” How sweet. In my house it’d be more like…the next person that doesn’t pick up their plate is going DOWN!

Galvanized hardware from The Home Depot.
One last look before we go…

So, what do you think? Does it make you wanna dance? Cartwheels maybe? That was the effect we were hoping for.

If there is any detail I missed, or you have any questions on what you see here, please don’t hesitate to call and of course if you’re on the fence with your kitchen aspirations, we would be honored to help you get where you wanna go. This is the part where I would love to go on about what a great job this is, Fairy Godmother-esque. Dance in, sprinkle some magic, dance out, but I’ll shut up now.

Have a great day and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to our clients for their kindness and patience while the centerpiece of their home was under construction. They make a great team and were such a pleasure to get to know.

Cheers and ciao bellas from Jen and Lisa!


  1. Jen- As always, your gift of prose and joie-de-vivre just add another layer. Thank you for making this project come to life for the world to see. Beautiful photos. Wonderful editing. Fun, spunky comments that always brighten my day. You are a true talent in many ways. Love you. Lisa

  2. Jen this is amazing! I adore that fabric as well! You two really did a wonderful job. I love all the little details.

  3. Wow, stunning, amazing transformation!!! So MANY great details, those doors are killer, love the color and I love that you painted the inside with chalk paint. If I had a kitchen redo, this would be it!!!! Great job girls….

    Lisa I set up across from you at Scott a few months ago and you sold a headboard for me, I never got to thank you for that, so thanks!! We miss you
    at the show, hope you come back soon, you have such amazing stuff! Susan & I have moved, we are now set up in section K6, if your at the show stop by!

    I’m going to share this on my FB page!

  4. Thank you everyone! The LOVE and the response from this project has been truly overwhelming. You know my cry baby ass shed a few tears yesterday in the midst of all the traffic and repins so thank you, thank you! Its great to know our work is well received in this generous design community. xo

  5. I’m singing and dancing and ooooooohing and awwwwwing. The details are tremendous If you ever want to say vacation on the beach in California do please let me know cuz on the chance you might travel West I’m going to start saving my pennies now for a kitchen overhaul a la Jen.

  6. Simply beautiful. Jen and Lisa you are very talented. This design is subtle, nothing is overwhelming but each piece, pop of color, position, and material seems to have been waiting for just this project to come together. Elegant, but fun, timeless yet contemporary. Brava! Complimenti!

  7. Hi, Jen! I’m up in NC this weekend with Lisa and she told me about this kitchen y’all just finished!Oh my gosh, I’m in love with it. So many of the same elements that I’m using in my fixer upper house, I’m almost finished with my cabinet installation in a week. You both did a fabulous job with this and I’m inhaling every single detail. Looking forward to seeing you again around town. So enjoying hanging out with Lisa, she is amazing!

  8. Beautiful! Just how I want to redo my kitchen in New Bern NC. Its great knowing our Vreeland lineage has talent!

  9. Hi Jen,
    This is my dream kitchen! What is the model # of the range? How wide is it? I can’t find it on the Kitchen-Aid site. Wish I lived close to Atlanta to be able to work with you:( Loved the granite choice too – now on to finding it in CT. Great storage ideas – GREAT EVERYTHING!

    1. Here is the info on the range. I hope you get it!

      The range is a Kitchen Aid 36″ convection dual fuel, model # KDRS467VSS. The client ordered stainless steel knobs extra instead of the standard black that come with.

  10. Wow, this kitchen is gorgeous and all of that thoughtful organization?? I’d kill for that in my kitchen. Hats off to you both!

  11. could you tell me where you got that fabulous striped bench? I’ve been searching for one like it with no luck. Thanks!

  12. Hopefully, starting to build our home in the Spring and this is the exact kitchen layout I’ve been looking for! I know you’re a busy lady but… do you know the dimensions of the kitchen? Would like to know if I can make this work for me. Beautiful work!


    1. Thanks Suzanne! And congrats on building your new home! Here are your measurements…
      its 24 ft long and depending on where you measure, either by the kitchen sink area it’s 15 ft wide or by the eating area, it’s 12 ft wide

      Thank you for reading!

  13. I am so inspired by your kitchen! I went to order the curtains and do you happen to remember the color’s name? Was it Blue Dusk or Blue Dawn?

    Thank you!

    1. Oh shoot Sarah, I don’t think PB makes our color anymore?! I wanted a pair for myself and the “Blue Dawn” is not the same color we used in our kitchen. I would check the stores and the outlet. Thank you for stopping by the road!!!

  14. This kitchen is AMAZING!!!
    We are currently renovating and I am struggling to choose my hardware from Restoration…they are all so beautiful! Can you tell me the finish on the Lugarno pulls you’ve used here?

    Swipe to see next answer →

  15. I came across your kitchen because I just had my cabinets painted in Marscapone. I love this kitchen, can you tell me what color/finish the Shaw’s sink is? Thank you!

  16. Can you tell me what size the pulls are on the cabinets? I’m going to purchase the Lugarno pulls soon and I can’t decide between a 4″ pull and a 6″ pull. Upper cabinets are 39″ and bottoms are standard. Widest drawer is 24″. Any thoughts? This kitchen is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    1. I’m a big fan of the bigger the better! Good luck! And thank you for the kind words on the kitchen.

    1. Hi Jill, and thanks for reading! Its been so long but I’m pretty sure we used “mascarpone” by Benjamin Moore on the walls. Sorry I was delayed in replying. Its been a crazy September. Thanks again for reading the road! xo

    1. they were custom made with Thom Filica’s “city square” fabric in misty morn color. Thanks for stopping by the road! xo

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  18. Mind me asking – did you repaint kitchen cabinets or replaced fronts only … from what source ? regards…

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  20. What an amazing kitchen Bravo! Who makes the kitchen faucet? I might have missed the vendor. Thanks!

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