Design in the big D: part one

You know how I love big Texas design. One of my favorite and widely read posts here on the road is “Don’t Mess With Texas”. Its no coincidence that four of my top five design crushes are from the “go big” state. When my husband informed me we’d be visiting for the Michigan Alabama Football Classic at Cowboy Stadium, my first thought was omg Lisa Luby Ryan’s Vintage Living Store…I’m in! And that was just the tip of the iceberg…

When Lisa’s home was published in Veranda’s Holiday Issue, I wore it out. Walking inside her shop, I didn’t know if I was going to hyperventilate or start to cry. It was insane. Can I just live here? The gracious and sweet woman who worked that day allowed me to take all the pictures my heart desired, to stay as long as I like and “should I pick up a little?”  Too kind!

I was particularly fond of every. single. thing in this next picture.

A close up of the art of display.


Heavenly bed. That silver punch bowl had to be mine, but alas, it was two car payments. For another time. 

Whenever I drag Sophia Sunshine to shops like this, she picks a section that is her “store” and takes me on a little tour. “So what do you think Mama, you like my store?” OH DO I EVER. I think maybe this would have been her pick…

Where all the magic happens. I love her galvanized bins and tubs for organization.

Back to the punch bowl. Sorry. I was actually taking this shot of the floors for you. Notice the cobalt blue wing back chair in the background. Killer.

Whenever I see a book that interests me, I take a photo to remind me to investigate on Amazon later.
This book looks right up my alley and according to my email, should arrive any day. 😉

This ladder was new to me. It would make a great bunk room addition tucked up against the wall, wedged between two sets of bunks.

This book also looked interesting…

I had to laugh when my issue of House and Home arrived this month and listed both. Leave it to Miss Lisa. Much before her time.

I took a close up so you could see the beaded detail of another fall-on-the-floor chandy with intricate little beaded bows. Remember when we detested bows?! Every chandelier in the store rocked. It was more than I could take.

Hand painted mercury glass vases from Europe. I thought maybe this would be my prize, tall fluted one second from right.

 (My new favorite book, French Seaside Style, from my sweet friend Jilly from G.R.)

Another shot of Lisa’s office. The backdrop inspired me to rearrange my office wall. I worked really hard this past week getting it ready for its big close up, coming soon to the road. Also, my sister is coming to town early October and I want everything styled and stunning for her visit so I’ve been on a roll! 

I had to leave with something?! And these bottles were just the ticket.

Three did the trick and made the trek back. Their color and crust make Jenny a happy gal.

Reclaimed doors – divine.

The mirrored frames are from Lisa’s line for Arteriors. Check it out HERE. Can you even stand the mirror with its artifact border, some painted white, some painted gold. Complete torture. I’ve got about ten uses for you my pretty!

Another great pillow fabric.

Reclaimed windows made into mirrors. Great big concrete urn full of shells. Does this remind you of anything?

One of the very few constants in my home (doesn’t hurt that it also weighs a thousand pounds). Everything but it and the antlers have found a new spot since this photo was taken. Issues.

Killer metal plant pot. Oh to have a pair for the beach!

Sophie’s choice?

Petite antique frames filled with gorgeous script.

Canopy bed. One fine day you will be mine. 

oh yeah.

I love how the sign below says “taken”.  Like to bad, so sad! Hah. I think if I owned a shop, I’d come up with fun, clever little things to put on sold items…

“I’m outta here!”

“you snooze you lose”

“sold sucka”

Life is just to damn short not to have a sense of humor, like every day, all the time.

All starbursts are beautiful and I am their KING!

Eventually I had to leave. Sigh. Saying goodbye and capturing some succulents in rad hobnail pots with gorgeous striped awnings (striped awnings are underrated and underutilized!).

Have a great week of style loves! So much more of it to come from the big design city of Dallas. Stay tuned. 
Jenny from the rock


  1. Glad you had a chance to wander in your wonderland…love the pictures, you inspire me. Love, your godmother

  2. Have a nice visit with ur sis Jackie. Your great Aunt Rita coming here soon. We both love to drool through shops like these! Sally.

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