Here comes Fall

Its about that time… hot cider, donuts, caramel apples, outdoor fires and Fall fashion. Bring on the boots. Also about that time to start your Halloween decor, if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m hoping to spruce up chez Schoenberger this weeknd with a little holiday spook spirit and thought we could use some inspiration to get us going.

First off is a fun mantle inspire photo (black feather boa – nice touch). I’d love to emulate a similar type look but unfortunately the rot box is hanging above mine. I’ll do my best. 
The mice will be making a repeat performance this year, considering I just about lost my mind cutting out those tails! If you’d like to join me on the crazy train, the template is HERE. Or if you’re lucky to hit a Michaels and all her stuff isn’t already sold out, go get you some! I must admit I do love how they look on the stairs and the Jack man has already asked if we’ll be putting them up again this year. Your interest made it all worthwhile little man. 
Very intrigued by these black matte pumpkins. Very cool. 
If dark and stormy isn’t your thing, perhaps a little bling bling…
These guys from Country Living have been on the wish list every year for the last five years it seems. Maybe this will be the year?! Would look really cool flying up the back stairwell. Anywhere really.  Here is the link to the template if you want to give it a go. 
Have always wanted to try this guy, also from Country Living (we learned on Pinterest to simply wipe the frosting with a paper towel to give it this look). Not sure why I didn’t last year for my Sophia Sunshine’s birthday party (the little devil angel was due on Halloween). If you missed it, you can see it here. A labor of love. Lucky for me she doesn’t want a party this year. Thank you Jesus! No seriously. Thank you heaven above. 
Huge fan of white pumpkins, natural or painted, and this spider web design and the big BUG is really fun. 
sweet chenille…you’re so cute. 
Martha’s witch silhouette is still available on line for those of you with the perfect place…
Metallic pumpkins seem to be all the rage. Love those sticks! 

Hah! This one I’m going to try, if I can get my hands on some mice with minimal errand effort. Anyone spotted them around? 
Here is a DIY skeleton shirt tutorial from my favorite lady…
Or if you’re a lazy daisy, like your friend here, and would rather click than snip, order this one from Urban Outfitters in white or black (don’t forget the tank top underneath ;-)). I’d be willing to bet the above is pretty fun and easy though and make for a great project with your kiddos or classmates. 
I found this to be hilarious and super cute, kinda like the perfect mate. 
Digging deep in my design vault for this black and white Fall interior that will forever be logged in my mind. I still love it. The big pumpkin in the white ironstone bowl. And I’m totally in love with “COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY” in the reflection of the mirror. Oh please do! 
(Torn from the pages of Country Living years and years ago). 
Lastly, Joni at Cote de Texas gave away a bunch of these gorgeous velvet pumpkins from Love Feast shop HERE. Go enter to win or buy some for yourself. They are so pretty in every hue!
So did you see anything you like? By the way, all of the images were taken from my Pinterest Holiday Spirit board HERE. Click the image and it will take you directly to the site. 
I’ll be back with my weekend progress, hopefully soon. Fingers crossed I find some time to start. First stop is pulling out what I have from last year and going on a stick hunt. Dead branches are a great place to start. 
Happy FALL you all!
Jenny from the rock.