Scott’s this weekend

Its that wonderful time of the month, the second full weekend, where every designer this side of the Mississippi heads to Scott Antique Market to treasure hunt. I was on a mad mission but did manage to snap a few goodies…these CHAIRS for starters. So so chic!

This dresser ended up in the back of my truck. Hope the hubs approves because he did not care for the last one I picked.

This barn door won’t last long. We all need to put on our thinking caps and come up with a spot in our homes where we can use a reclaimed door. Pantry? Door to basement? Hall closet door?

I dream about opening up these bad boys (with big door knobs smack in the center of each) into our bedroom some day…

I ran by the print guy’s booth. Not only are his prints, frames and mats amazing, he also happens to be easy-on-the-eyes and a very sharp dresser #neverhurts.

This owl is for you Grandma. Burlap mat for me.

Gotta make a run by the “junk man’s table”. Never know what you’ll find there.

I’ve always been fascinated by old ledger books like these and the penmanship (which is becoming a lost art?!). 

too cool for school…

This painting was as tall as me and all I could think when I saw it…the hills are alive with the sound of music! 

OH Parker Kennedy’s booth. My friend D will be hanging out there all weekend. Be sure to say hello! She’s the cute brunette with sexy specs.

  (BTW, how cool are their business cards bottom left? I think I was a graphic designer in another life)

keep talkin…

Orange you so happy I took a picture of these shield mirrors? 😉 (And why couldn’t I have picked that shade for my front door???). I predict the shield will be the next trendy shape, after everyone tires of the quatrefoil. I have to admit, I’m totally over chevron. Didn’t think it would happen but I’m done.

LOVED this ruffle pillow. One of those “why didn’t I buy this?”

Scotts can be torture.

Pretty pillows everywhere you look.

I really want my client to love this print for her sofa pillows (darn it).

Some dapper Dans trying to figure out the world’s problems when they should of just asked the woman sitting behind them.

OK, you know how much I love a little martini side table (extra olives, extra dirty). This is Lisa’s sweet Daddy’s business and I guarantee they are all gone by Saturday, if not already.

Too many gorgeous prints and not enough walls I say!

An iron crown adorned with vintage jewels. A new take. 

My initials before I was married and maybe now had I kept Hehl as my middle name (couldn’t really part with Sunshine but I certainly miss Hehl too. Schoenberger can be a marathon to spell some days). Can you stand it? How often do you run across your own initials? They posted these signs outside churches to commemorate the births of their congregation. So precious. Why do we let such wonderful traditions get away?

Like this beautiful marriage certificate. An old antique Mom found in a great frame that hangs in our master bath. I think its good feng shui for the hubs and I to see it every day. Mike will often say “I wonder how ole Bessie Lee and George are doing in Dayton, Ohio and if it ever occurred to them their marriage certificate would be hanging in a stranger’s bathroom?” But then follow it up with how much he likes walking by and looking at it everyday. Me too babe. Me too.

Step away from the Winter watercolor Jen…with the precious little couple walking together in the distance (stab to the heart).

I’m seeing a lot of this and I like it…vintage shoe clips, fur clips, etc., repurposed into jewelry. This gal had a beautiful and very stylish assortment.

Speaking of which, I picked up one similar from another dealer at Lakewood last month and I rock it casually with a favorite Gap plaid shirt from the Goodwill or a t-shirt somedays or with something a bit more dressy other days.

Her prices are incredibly reasonable and I cannot wait to hit her up next weekend at Lakewood for a little something unique for my sister’s birthday. Mom was always buying us the unique and unusual from art fairs and antique shows. Gotta keep her goin.

It was a beautiful day this trip so I ventured outside and should of bought this chair to recover…

The lines are great.

I did however throw this little green dumplin in the back of the truck and will have her recovered, restyled and report back later. 

So what else did I land? A couple of really good deals.

I met a new dealer, from Belgium, with the best white pottery, also from Belgium, at rock bottom prices.

You know my love affair with plate walls and these guys might just end up on some.

The plate wall witnessed around the world, Viceroy, Santa Monica

Picked up these 17th century fish prints for a mere $10 each. Loved their color. 
Last week I picked up these four charcoal and cream ones for a DOLLAR each. They’ll look great with a dark charcoal mat. 

I might be slightly obsessed with fish prints? Hell my sister’s the pisces, not me.

My three favorite sit atop my mantle, given to me by my Mother-in-law, and another four hang in our family room. I think we’re good.

It’s been a long week to say the least. I’m actually surprised I rallied for Scotts. And I cannot believe I haven’t laid eyes on my Husband since Monday morning when I took off on a jet plane to be with my Dad and family. Dad underwent MAJOR surgery and he’s recovering well so far (prayer hands).

 (Flying over Dearborn and Downriver. I recognized every little inch of it. You can take the girl out of the river…)

After sitting in the hospital waiting room all day, my sister and I needed a break and some air. The first place we think of? Target, of course.

The finish on this porthole mirror was superb and for only $19.99?! Buy em all!

 A few new items from Mr. Nate (speaking of easy-on-the-eyes). These candleholders would look great sitting on a mantle in a group of three or five…

I was diggin this discotheque pillow…

get on up on the floor cause we gonna boogie oogie oogie til we just can’t boogie no more…boogie…boogie no more…

Hard to tell from the picture but this bottle is LARGE and in charge.

So with it being Friday and having witnessed and survived a miracle (a quadruple bypass surgery can certainly be constituted as a miracle, in my book anyway), I found this quote from my airplane reading very appropriate…


I think its time we all enjoy our weekend and maybe just maybe slightly misbehave. ;-))))

Cheers friends! And if you haven’t spoken with Mom or Dad recently, maybe nows a good time to pick up the phone and say I love you. I’m not trying to be all holier than thou with ya, tellin you all what to do. I’m just saying every day is a gift.

Jennifer Sunshine Hehl Schoenberger


  1. oh my gosh, i am heading there on sunday…flying in from Connecticut to see my sister and her new baby and we are heading straight to the parker kennedy booth (so thanks for the sneak peek)! I’ve informally met “D” via emails b/c we’re from the same parts in CT so I’ll get to meet her on Sunday while she’s manning the booth. Fun to finally get to Scotts and make it to the Parker Kennedy booth and also get to meet DB to boot! Thanks so much for sharing all of these photos…makes me wish I was already there!

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