What’s in my phone: Thinking of you Alabama…

I was searching for a photo on my phone thinking wow there’s a lot of stuff on here. Ding. Ding. I need to be sharing all of this with you! So I upload, upload, upload all excited-like and realize there is a ton. This may be a weekly feature. Goals are good! Weekly? We’ll see.

To be honest, I would be totally lost without my mobile phone! Not only is a mobile phone a great way to take photos when out and about, but having a phone is vital if you want to stay in touch with family and friends. Although, that being said, I actually seem to catch up with my family and friends using my house phone more often than my mobile.

You see, we have recently upgraded our telephone and internet package to a satellite bundle after reading about a fantastic deal on the Satellite Internet Now website. We live in a rural area, so satellite connections are best for us. So far, I have been really impressed with the speed of our internet connection, and our telephone line is always so clear, so I am sure that we have made the right decision.

Anyway, going back to my mobile phone, in my effort to organize all my photos and blog ideas, I decided to kick things off with my trip to Birmingham, Alabama. The raw devastation and destruction that ripped through the state last week has been on my mind and I want to keep it on yours too so we all can help. God bless you Tuscaloosa and others!

We’ll start with a bit of background on my love affair with this town. I’ve followed the crazy talent and stellar design scene out of B’ham for years now. The folks have a superb sense of style and live it. I can’t tell you how many times I see a beautiful home, storefront or item in a mag and read “Birmingham, Alabama”. I gotta get here! I started subscribing to Birmingham Home & Garden Magazine because I couldn’t take it anymore. Mind you its only a two and a half hour drive away. NO idea what took me so long but I finally made it there thanks to my dear friend and awesome tour guide Amanda. For the record, I’m loading up the trunk with baby bites next time! Not only are they the most dee-lish thing to pop between your lips, they box them up in the best shade of pink cardboard (I know, I’m design crazy but it really is that pretty).

The villages that make up B’ham did not disappoint! Incredible. Passed by at least four homes I’d ripped from magazines. I’m making it my new adopted city. Besides, the whole state of Alabama has such a homely feel to it. Any town you go to, you’d have to urge to buy a home and settle down! And thanks to services like those offered by https://localpropertyinc.com/, many people are discovering the joy of making Alabama towns their new home. So much more to be said and celebrated. Big blog post to come. Think Lynard Skynard. Turn it up…

For now, just a medley of iphone images with some captions. Kind of like my new favorite obsession Pinterest. If you haven’t yet checked it out, give yourself a few hours to spare. Sweet Jesus. It has everything and me thinking all of these mega successful social networking sites have one thing in common: stuff we loved to do as a kid. For example Facebook. How excited were we when our pictures were ready for pick up…”don’t forget doubles!”. Then triples came out (woohoo) and it was hog heaven. We couldn’t wait to see and share the pics from Prom, Spring Break or the Madonna concert.

“Oh I hope that one turns out?!”

“Omg I have the best picture of you and Jason…wait till you see it! It’s yearbook worthy!”

And now Pinterest. I don’t know about you but I loved ripping out pages of magazines and pinning them up on my bulletin board with other mementos, concert tickets, etc. or making collages of all the things I love or think pretty. That’s basically what the site is about. Fun!

What else did we love as a kid? Maybe we can put our heads together and come up with the next best thing. I’m rambling now. I’m out! Enjoy my new feature. Remember it’s phone pics but it does the job. xo

The Richard Tubb Showroom in The Doctor Pepper Building or Pepper Place. Salivate.

great piece

One of my favorite lamps going right now…

Branches. They add so much to a space. Try it. Think Halloween, Christmas, Easter when you can embellish them with all sorts of fun stuff (black crows or spiders, Holiday cards, Easter eggs). I can’t wait to go back home this summer and collect white birch branches and logs. I can already picture the look on my husband’s face cramming them in the car (love is patient…love is kind…).

Pair of these almost came home with us. Same idea as above. Photos or mementos from their branches.

An intersection in the precious Village of Mountain Brook. So sad Circa wasn’t open on Saturdays! Buzz kill.

But At Home and Three Sheets were!

This did make it in the trunk (with the baby bites ;-)) for a Master Bedroom project. Authentic look. Great price.

Cute sign and name. I’m into that stuff.

Think layers.

The lamp is to die for!

I would love to collect this region of white French pottery. Picture it billowing over with hydrangeas.

Fell in love with this vignette. All of it. Friends this is such a tasteful look to emulate in your own home that can be “Homegoods” easy and affordable. Think mirror in the center, three urns out front, insert branches, anchored with dominant lamps (throw in the corbels if you can find some) and line outside wall space with white plates, right, left. Tah dah!

This too would be a good DIY project. Shadow boxes are everywhere. Patina the frames any way you wish. Line the inside with your favorite fabric, wallpaper, stationary and glue your sand dollars or starfish. All together now…tah dah!

Swank. The paint colors, the vine, the shutter style, the lantern. I said to my friend “sure would stink (ok I might have said suck, pardon) to live in this town and have bad taste”. Bad taste is hard to find around here.

No. You are not hallucinating. I’ve heard of china closets but a gorgeous china room? You know how I love a little drama with my design. I think this one makes the cut.

Image via Tracery Interiors

You can see the rest of this rad home here.

I didn’t realize how mountainous the villages of Birmingham are. The hills are lined with beautiful estates and a gorgeous view of Downtown. Imagine it at night?!

I could have taken a million shots, so many spectacular ones. I promise to return and capture more of them for you on foot with camera in tow.

Meanwhile please pray for those that lost their homes and their loved ones around the state and Southeast. Total devastation. To help, click here. You’re the best. xo


  1. Bring ME with you next time!! Superb post, Jennifer, and inspiring in so many ways. I love the layers photo so much I’ll need to copy it somewhere…and that invitation sign, adorable…and those homes, breathtaking…the china room???? Unbelievable! Thanks so much for taking us with you on this virtual journey, and keep up the excellent work. Your blog posts make my day!

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