Love and Inspiration from New Orleans

Welcome back friends. Nothing like the first week after vacation to whip you back into reality with this sweet and short message, in a deep dark voice:  you’ve  got three weeks until Christmas, “you better work b___”. Here we are on a Tuesday night and I’m still slightly in denial about all that and chose… Continue reading Love and Inspiration from New Orleans

Vacation Diaries: part one

Well we’ve been in school now for a good three weeks and reality has definitely set in.  Every morning at 6:15 I roll over and tell Mike how much I HATE school, having to get up SO early…”maybe I should homeschool???” Work is nuts, a good nuts. I’m in the process of moving the ROAD… Continue reading Vacation Diaries: part one

Palm Springs pretties

You may have heard I took a trip recently to Palm Springs with all my college roommates. We all turned 40 this year and we’re all like damn straight we’re taking a big trip. We decided on Palm Springs after looking at all the hip homes for rent on VRBO and the many different things… Continue reading Palm Springs pretties

Design in the desert

Howdy loves! I’m off to be inspired.  A long-awaited trip to Palm Springs, a mid-century marvel,  with 8 of my favorite people. Nothing like travel to new places to recharge your creative soul and introduce new inspiration into your daily life and designs. We’re celebrate the passing of time… (cheese ball) OK we’re all turning FORTY (!!!) and… Continue reading Design in the desert

Watering your roots

Hello strangers! I’m back from my month-long sojourn to my home town, home state of Michigan and I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say I’m a little bit sad about it. Went by so fast  – again. I’m not ready for school to start next week (and btw who starts school August ninth?!). Seems like… Continue reading Watering your roots

Vacation, all I ever wanted…

Vacation, have to get away… I don’t have the words this week. We live in a world of over communication, texting, tweeting, status updates, where words like grateful, fortunate, blessed become mundane and don’t quite pack the punch they use to. I’m that girl this week. This happens every Summer as I pack for my… Continue reading Vacation, all I ever wanted…

Serenbe, Georgia

Chances are you’ve heard about the community of Serenbe. An organic slice of heaven that has been written up in numerous publications and won many awards for its 1,000 acres of sustainable living. My bestie Jen (or lovingly referred to as KoKo or Kozik), was in town with her sweeter-than-pie daughter Julia recently.  We stopped… Continue reading Serenbe, Georgia

What’s in my Iphone: Random beauty, fun, inspiration and one great salad…

Hey peeps, been awhile since we’ve looked inside my phone of what’s catching my eye out there on the road.  For starters, my sweeties at Lover’s Key in Fort Myers, Florida last weekend. Fun fun time visiting my brother, neice and friends. The weather was gorgeous too!  Great looking mirror at the new Home Decorator’s… Continue reading What’s in my Iphone: Random beauty, fun, inspiration and one great salad…