Be Mine Valentine…

I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Aside from the joy of getting Red Roses for Valentines Day from Roses Only, it’s a sweet little holiday to look forward to in the dead of Winter and one more excuse to drink champagne and wear RED!


Or maybe just a shiny heart affixed to your favorite shirt from Bando.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to write a love letter to your sweetheart whether on paper…

Or in an art medium…

The first time I saw this from SUGARBOO DESIGNS, I couldn’t really afford it so I took matters into my own hands, grabbed a sharpie and in my best penmanship, wrote it on lover boy’s closet wall, signed and dated it. Same effect really. With that frame of mind, you could come up with dozens of ideas, as simple as with lipstick on his/her mirror or get fancy and paint it on an old piece of wood or vintage piece of paper. Maybe copy the message over a faded black and white photo of the two of you in photoshop – if you’re savvy like that. If you want to go the extra mile then you can present it with a Coburg bouquet of their favorite flowers to make it even more personal.

This next one, also from SUGARBOO, which is based right around the corner from us in charming Roswell, Georgia, is really quite sweet…

If you are a whiz with fonts and graphics, how bout printing out something sweet like this in a simple black or white frame for the love of your life? Against a matte background where you’ve handwritten “the love of my life” in fancy script, over and over again like the vintage love letter photo above…


So many ideas await outside the Hallmark aisle.

If given the chance, its especially fun to relive making those sweet Valentine boxes for school and helping your children address and check off the names on their list. Year’s past, I’ve felt like a slacker Mom, never prepared and waiting until the last minute to rush out for the flimsy store bought versions. This year I vowed to get my act together!

Thanks to ARMOMMY, Jack and Sophia both agreed they would love to pass these out to their friends and helping them glue the eyes and sign their names will be a great opportunity to spend more quality time with them. You can download these or other special designs HERE for just $3.99 (scroll all the way to the bottom).

Last year may have been the year of store-bought Valentine’s but it was also the year I discovered ARMOMMY’s sweet treat bags. I was excited to order the vellum paper bags and customized stickers for Sophia’s little girly friends in the neighborhood and couldn’t resist ordering some for my girlfriends too.

I filled mine with peanut butter chocolate covered pretzel chips from the grocery store (which haven’t been back since, along with the dark chocolate covered ones…come on! Those were great). I wrapped each bag with my “go-to” twine, that is always around.

We filled Sophia Sunshine’s candy bags with M and M’s (the pink and red version) and wrapped in red ric rac ribbon. It was a beautiful sunny day last year when we delivered them and she had a blast running from house to house, which made me feel super duper, so it was all good in the hood.

This year ARMOMMY has many more designs to pick from and my new personal favorite…


I volunteered to help with my son’s Valentine party at school this year. I’ve been searching on line for a fun craft that will dry quick. Any ideas??? So far I’ve come up with this book mark from Martha Stewart. Not terribly exciting. Its been a challenge finding one that both boys and girls will enjoy.

Maybe have them make these hand Valentine’s instead? As a parent, I would enjoy that. Years later we can compare sizes just as they are walking out the door to college and I’m a hot mess crying on the floor. Or maybe I’ll be excited? I think Mom and Dad were excited to see their last baby GONE. 😉

Instead of ordering the super sweet treat bags this year, I thought I might change it up and try my hand with these chocolate covered rice crispy treat pops. They look delicious! You can find them HERE.

Or maybe a new spin on an old classic cookie from…

I’m always trying to be “that girl” with at least one or two tasteful decorations around special holidays. Last year it was the sequined eggs and moss bunnies at Easter. This year I’m thinking these chalkboard hearts on a string, from World Market, are pretty sweet.
Or if I’m feeling really ambitious, I could try my hand at this hugs and kisses wreath?
Realistically, I’ll prob just attempt to make garland out of these heart doilies I picked up at the grocery story this week and string them across the fireplace mantle. Throw some red tapers in my candlesticks and call it a LOVE DAY y’all! I did pick up some vintage Valentine’s Day cards this past summer to get crafty with but I cannot remember where I put them…maybe they’ll show up next year.
I’d love to share with you what I’m making lover boy for Valentine’s Day but he’s a big fan of the blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. If all goes according to plan, you’ll definitely hear about it.
Now go and get your love on!


  1. Lucky Sophia and her friends.. You are the greatest Mom as well as Designer!! Wish you lived closer to us……Susie

  2. Love this one. You have inspired me to actually DO something this sweet holiday instead of letting it blow past with the usual zero fanfare. It will still be relatively low key compared to your creative genius but hey, it’s a start. Thanks, Gal!

  3. I wonder if you are related to Abbie Schoenberger? I used to work in hjis scottville store for four years. I joined the
    air force in 1955 and have not been back for many years. I have not been able to find anything about his store on the net. I live in San Antonio now, but hope to return for a visiit soon. When I was there in Scottville, there was four grocery stores, schoenbergers. Sanders,
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