Around the house and a sneak peek…

Hey sweet peas! Its been awhile since we’ve checked back in at the mother ship to see what’s shakin. Most exciting news is I have officially busted out of my home office/garage/loft/closets and I am now renting off site storage. That’s only until I finally get one of these storage buildings that I can reimagine into my private office space! Halleluia! Our loft/air basement looks like someone actually lives there now instead of a lay over for furniture and decor rejects and the hubs can almost park his car back in the garage.

Notice Mom’s pen and ink drawing of a beautiful home in my hometown below. Sorry for the glare. I’m a mediocre photographer. xo

It has taken me months to put this corner photo wall together but its coming along. I have one more wall to do (maybe this weekend?). The picture ledges are from IKEA at $14.99. Wish’d I’d known about them before I spent $75 on the white ones in my kitchen from Potterybarn (which were a total pain in the arse to put up).

I’m not loving all this white necessarily. I think it needs more texture and contrast so I’m going to experiment with brown kraft paper mattes soon.

(a favorite). Photography by Amanda Suanne.

Remember that oh so lovely green and yellow desk I bought WAY back for Sophia Sunshine ($60 at the Queen of Hearts)?

Here she is covered in “Carrington Beige” by Benjamin Moore, a coat of Briwax and some new antique brass hardware. I’m really into antique brass as of late.

I fell in love with the matte gold lamp bases from IKEA ($7.99 each) and topped them with the bright red and hot pink shades because Sophia has requested a “rainbow” room. OH joy. I read somewhere its great for kids to contribute and design their own spaces, so I’m going with it.

Thank God for this inspiration photo via Serena and Lily. I think we can manage something we are both happy with. But nothing is happening until little Miss Piggy can keep her room clean and earn a well-designed space.

Otherwise what’s the point…

(Sophia’s desk on a normal day…here’s to keeping it real on the road).

I loved those lamps so much, I decided to buy two of the floor versions for our living room and topped them with these mini shades, all from IKEA. Each lamp just $20 total.

It sure beats the $179 (!!) version I am currently loving from Wisteria…

I added Mom’s pocket watch necklace to my angel mix and do you know that paisley topper is over ten years old from Target? It was a throw. I think it would make a great shawl too. I’m starting to tire of it so maybe I’ll start wearing it.

I’m going to be experimenting with this living room wall and adding some more layers. One of my pals recommended that I ask for help from The Patch Boys of San Antonio or elsewhere. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I’ve made some strides in my office…here is what my bookshelves looked like when I started the blog almost a YEAR ago (time fricken flies).

Too much visual clutter and what a mess! Maybe I shouldn’t be throwing around the term “Miss Piggy” so freely…hey kettle this is black…

Here they are now….

Ah-ha, much better.

I used $5.99 gray-toned baskets from IKEA to corral all my sht stuff, then .89 cent clipboards with my all time favorite tags from Staples to label each basket. I don’t know why but I just love the color and utilitarian look of clipboards. Check out this artwork displayed in the hallway with them. LOVE.

This would work great for children’s artwork too!

(A fan of the bee-stee-BOYZ).

Speaking of which, one of my besties, Elise and I, had to have the “NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN” bracelet from Kate Spade when it came out…

Inscribed on the inside of the bracelet is “turn the tables”. Oh how I love Kate Spade and her sweet little sayings she puts on everything, reminding us to live the life we imagine! xoxo

Here is another one I saved and pinned in my office for many different reasons:

“occasionally she dreams of italy. she dreams of cheese shops, persnickety fiats, and very fine leather goods.” (All written in classic kate spade lowercase letters).

I love cheese (I order the cheese plate every chance I get), who doesn’t dream of Italy and very fine leather goods and I love words like persnickety. My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher calls these “juicy” words and I couldn’t agree MORE. Words that take effort to roll off the tongue or instantly add color to what you are saying. I adore words like these.

While we’re chatting up bracelets, check out these peacock bangles my sister-in-law hooked me up with for Christmas. Yo Katherine Anabel! I’m going to rack and stack em with all the beauties you see here: the gold Bardot bracelet from stella and dot…

And these two cuties I bought at a children’s clothing store, of all places, in Seaside, Florida. I couldn’t resist when I realized they had both my baby’s birthstones. Emerald for Jack, citrine for Soph. Orange and emerald green, my two favorite colors?! I’ll take it!

Ohkay back to the office. The bling threw me off.

I’ve got a thing for doll heads. Who knows why. I think its the Paris Flea Market in me. Here is one I found for a couple of bucks and tied some Burberry-inspired ribbon around her neck for some flair. Mom was a big collector of antique letter press numbers and letters (she and Dad’s initials with an ampersand in between, we’re everywhere in our home. Growing up I use to think wow Mom sure loves Dad). So when I came across a 1 and a 6, I had to have being its a significant number in our family, our anniversary being one. The beautiful black and gold marble urns came from my husband’s Grandparent’s home in Ludington, Michigan, which is now a bed and breakfast and just gorgeous! I’ll be sure to give you that tour later. I came across the old paper at a flea market (they are vintage doctor’s prescriptions that were kept inside large ledgers) and being a font freak, had to have them. I pinned them up against the clipboards like so and created these vignettes in each corner of my Ballard Backroom bookcases.

Moving over to another corner of my office, this is what use to be, a sweet little day bed from IKEA.

Albeit welcoming and excellent for napping, it wasn’t functional, as I needed more storage and surface space. So I picked up this little number from the Queen of Hearts for $79 and painted it with some left over paint in my garage and again, picked out vintage brass knobs for it.



I took this mess…

And turned it into this with the vintage script wrapping paper from Ballards…

It’s never too late!

Voila, my inspiration/memory boards before crack Pinterest!

I just returned from the beach last weekend where I wrapped up renovations on a project I’ve been working tirelessly on. While there I picked up this marble-topped little number for $25. She needs a little TLC but nothing Jenny from the rock can’t handle. I have just the spot for her.

Here is a sneak peek of the renovation I have been working on in Seagrove Beach. We’ve made a start on the bathrooms already but there’s a lot more work to do. Before we do anything too wild though, we are going to consult with someone, like these expert plumbers in Port St. Lucie, so we don’t do any damage to the pipes and flood the entire house!

Bathroom before…


My apologies for the photo quality but you get the idea. 😉

I cannot wait to show you the rest very soon! Also, on another note, I have plans to build a walk in bath for the bathroom, don’t know when I’ll be able to make it happen. You could look at some if you want some ideas for your house too (you can browse walk in baths here, for example).

Next jobs to tackle at mi casa:
A mud room make over that’s both functional AND stylish
Custom shelves in my china closet to maximize storage
Finish tricking out garage now that we have off-site storage
Gutters cleaned
Windows washed
Carpets cleaned
Oak tree trimmed
Fresh coat of paint on kitchen cabinets
Touch up all wall paint
Photograph Guest Bedroom for you, my fabulous readers
New gray/white-washed hardwoods in upstairs hallway (my husband says I am on “Fantasy Island” if I think this is going to happen…”Oh look Tattoo and Mr. Rourke just ran by”…we shall see.

Blame in on spring fever but I’m totally motivated to get things done around here and need to strike before it wears off…


Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!


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