A red letter day

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies! I’ve decided let’s reinvent this day. Its not just for those who have a special someone else, its for all those that LOVE something, anything. Whether it be your pet, your house, your church, your books, your wine, your fabulous shoe collection, yourself, whatever! This day is all you.

Who cares about some trivial piece of jewelry (can’t take it with ya!) or overpriced flowers, although lovely. Take peace in knowing you love life and have love in your heart for others, OR, inanimate objects, whatever the case. Maybe love is a DVF dress perhaps, or those sparkly Tory Burch sandals that have been calling your name – daily. We get it.


And if that doesn’t get your chin up, you can always rely on my Dad and the sure and certain fact he will utter the words…”oh its just another day.” Gotta love Dad and his simple words of wisdom. Never forget the time I’m a teenager crying at the dinner table and he says, “Crum, the sun -will come out -tomorrow” very matter of fact as Mom looks over and says “well thank you very much for that Annie” and we all burst into laughter. Or the time I called Dad bawling after my wedding proofs arrived. I waited weeks and when they finally came they were gawd awful. What’s Dad say? “Would you rather have beautiful pictures or a beautiful wedding?” Enough said. But I wanted both Dad-tee and an oompa loompa too!

I digress.

One things for certain, its a great day to be RED.

“It’s going to be a big today tomorrow!” 
– Sophia Sunshine

source unknown 🙁 but if I had to bet, I’d say Cottage Living


Will never tire of red toile or a cozy nook ensconced with drapes.


Never tire of this little girl either, that’s for sure.

Alessandra Branca (nobody does red better)
This is a great way to reinvent those shiny brass chandeliers…black, white, orange, kelly green – oh what fun.  
I mean really, how could you??? 

“Captain Holiday” a.k.a. the hubs (my sweet Valentine for 17 years).

cote de texas
free download from ARMOMMY
Red doors = good luck so says the ancient art of feng shui and the Lutheran church. xo
House Beautiful (one of my most favorite designed homes ever! Ingrained in my head)

I promise if you are any kind of blue today, throw on some pink and red. Guaranteed mood enhancer. I mean really who could ever be in a bad mood in those shoes?

Ralph Lauren, THE man. 

Imagine how wonderful dining in a space like this? I should revamp my keeping room and just put a sweet little table for two in front of the fire. We can all fight over it. Rock – paper – scissors. 

 Iznik Red lamp shade by handmade interiors, UK

Alessandra Branca again….told ya. Those red upholstered doors? Are you kidding me?   

My favorite door style from my childhood home. X on the bottom. Go figure. 

Flashback 8th grade…”omg did you make out with him?!” 


Good enough to eat year round! Find the recipe HERE


Click those heels three times in the name of HOME SWEET HOME. 



My little peanuts will wake up to a new book each (leave your mark with a sweet message written inside) and these monster babies. I totally pulled a Mom and forgot to put them out Christmas morning. The kids “ordered” them from Santa at a neighborhood bazaar show. Whoops. Mom was notorious for busting out gifts months after Christmas had passed (no complaints here!). 
My sweet friend Wilma passed away last month and her favorite childhood book was The Little Prince.  I thought how perfect for my sweet little prince Jack. I’m really looking forward to reading it with him. Thank you angel friend for this special time we will spend snuggled up together. And thank you to my Aunt Kathy who bought me the original French version back in high school when she learned I was taking the language class. I think its about time I learned to read it! 
And for my princess, the book Kiki and Coco in Paris. Ever since Sophia’s preK teacher wrote “Sophia talks of going to Paris often”, its a dream of my sister Jackie and I, to take her there someday. When I came across this book on the blog, Jones Design Company, I had to have. And those too cute red sandals on the cover! Forever a sucker for the rubies. I’ll be rockin some today no doubt. 
And that’s a wrap. Big love to you this Valentine’s LOVE Day! I can’t thank you enough for your sweet comments and your support of my work. And I am especially grateful for the opportunity to write about and honor my mother here. There are simply no words. Thank you.  
Jenny from the rock