What’s in my Iphone: Random beauty, fun, inspiration and one great salad…

Hey peeps, been awhile since we’ve looked inside my phone of what’s catching my eye out there on the road. 
For starters, my sweeties at Lover’s Key in Fort Myers, Florida last weekend. Fun fun time visiting my brother, neice and friends. The weather was gorgeous too! 
Great looking mirror at the new Home Decorator’s showroom out here in the burbs. This would look great over my client’s sofa as a single or in pairs for some more drama. 
Haha. Good times in the photo booth at our neighborhood holiday party. Just came across this and it made me laugh out loud. 

Fell in love with this concrete urn and glass balls at The Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama. Great scene, great chow! Their tomato heirloom salad was listed as one of the 50 best dishes in the south per Garden and Gun magazine. I’ll be back for that!

Whistling away in the book store with my kiddies, thumbing through a recent Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, I came across this picture. I have a lot of left over road maps now that they are becoming a thing of the past and thought what a great idea with ORANGE ribbon, nonetheless. 
Some other pics I took from that same issue that I was able to track down a better pic from the website, these great treat bags. You can find them HERE.  

Love me some motor city!  

Speaking of the D, my all time favorite t-shirt my bf Elise sent me from the Eastern Market and my other bf KoKo, who is visiting this weekend, brought me a black and white tank top that says “RUN DET”. Right on! 
And the last thing that caught my eye in that Weddings issue and made me think, maybe I should start subscribing to this mag, was the make your own backdrop for a photo shoot. This would be great for a party or reception, a visual memory of everyone that was there, instead of just signatures, faces too! 
Can’t get these mercury glass lamps off my mind…where or who could use them? 

Had a hard time walking away from this french writing desk at the Queen of Hearts. 

My clients new linen slipcovered kitchen chairs, whoop whoop. We’re having some custom pillows made in a favorite paisley to give em some more kick.

The vintage bottles currently available at West Elm. I am in LOVE with every single one. The colors are all perfect, esp that little smoky blue one bottom right.

Another great pair of mirrors at Homegoods for a very fair price of $60 each!

Love is PAIRS of things…great looking lanterns at Joanne Fabrics of all places. The x.

Sweet quote…so true.

On the topic of love and sweet, the bulletin board at my church. Precious.

LOVE is driving to a client’s in Marietta, down here in the SEC south, and passing this good looking (!!!) banner. Hard to see but its my beloved Michigan State Spartans. Sparty on!

Currently trying to persuade a client that this would make some very pretty pillows.

Love an outdoor shower. This one is located at the beach house we are renting for spring break. Best part about it, scroll down and see…

A cut out window to see the ocean…the BEST!
Lastly, a picture of a salad I am currently addicted to making from Ina Garten. Find the recipe HERE and eat it with toasted pita bread. YUM! 

I hope you enjoyed this random iphone photo post. I’m forever snapping and shooting pics I think are interesting and inspiring or might make someone laugh or smile! In fact I dropped my iPhone the other week so I couldn’t even work my screen, I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to make this post today! Luckily I got it repaired quickly at a mobile iphone repair shop near my house!
Up next week, the new Iphone 4 so better picture quality is in our future. And I have not forgotten about my first 100 facebook fan give-a-way. We are jotting everyone’s name down on tiny pieces of paper to be drawn from a pot for something fabulous. Coming soon, I promise! 
Jenny from the rock 


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog! Do you remember where you saw those Mercury Glass Lamps? I am looking for the perfect beside lamp and am in love with the dimensions of the ones in your pic.

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