I forgot how much I love having a dog…

Big news at chez Schoenberger.  Meet the newest member of our family, Ripley!

Rip is a rescue pooch, year and half old. He was adopted from our neighbor and currently being loved on immensely by two very happy kids that had the surprise of their life last week. I must admit, I forgot how much I love having a little buddy, pitter patter, pitter patter paws everywhere I go. Someone to keep me company and watch me do laundry day in and day out, wax on, wax off. Someone to sit at my feet while I work away at my desk. 
Someone who jumps up in Daddy’s chair the second he stands up, quickly curling into a ball to get cozy. Every. Single. Time. He definitely likes to be comfortable and quickly staked out his new bed in Papa Bear and Mama Bear’s room…
Rip sleeps here
He listens well. Which is one thing our sweet Charlie did not. We’d call Chuck to come and he’d just look back at us and keep strolling along. Rip’s the opposite. He comes TEARING around the corner whenever you call. However he can be a stinker. He likes to chew. Hello Kitty went down in flames this week along with the corner of one of my favorite design books. Riiiiiiippppley – shame on you boy!

But we love him. And he is a LOVER. He’s chilled out right here next to me as I type this. A keeper for sure! And I’m really pleased with our children’s involvement in helping out. Fingers crossed it doesn’t fade.

BTW so much for finishing my Halloween decorating in one weekend. Hah! More like two weeks and we still don’t have our pumpkins. Plans were to go tonight and have dinner out for the hubs’s birthday (he rolled a pair of fours today ;-)) but our main man Jack is sick on the sofa. Boo hiss. Poor baby. Daddy and I are both home taking care of him today, which is a gift in itself. I’m hoping this weekend I’ll finally have all our spook on, photographed and blogged. Oh yeah, and hopefully worth the wait! 
Oh happy day my friends! 

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