Our Holiday Home Tour 2019 part one

Holy Smokes here we are at another Christmas season folks! They come faster and faster! And when it comes to decorating, I’m still a little kid at Christmas and can’t wait to see what transpires. Every year its different and I am super excited to give you this year’s home tour – so come on… Continue reading Our Holiday Home Tour 2019 part one

what’s been happening

Hello sweet friends!! Long time no talk! You won’t believe all the crazy that has been going on over at the Schoenberger crib. For starters we are selling our home!!! After five years, we’ve decided to downsize and move closer to our children’s school and could not be more excited about it! Mama is craving… Continue reading what’s been happening

holiday home tour

Merry Christmas Eve friends!! I hope you are enjoying all the magic and wonder this season brings! I hope you enjoyed our holiday home tour! I tried to keep it simple this year and am making progress 😉 We put a Charlie Brown tree in Jack’s room with the old school oversized colored bulbs and… Continue reading holiday home tour

a september to remember

Hi friends! I hope this post finds you well and in full FALL swing! Its like Halloween comes and goes, and bam its Christmas in zero to sixty seconds. I was definitely in full court press this Fall! Let’s start with the show homes…yes two with an s (what kinda crazy person…). One here in… Continue reading a september to remember

round hill

Hey hey hey! Hope all is well today! We are back to school around here and doing our best to stay in a Summer state of mind til Labor Day (when school is suppose to start *sigh*). Hope yours was a W O N D E R F U L one and for those of… Continue reading round hill


Hey there friends!!! Remember me??? Geez I thought this day would never come. Apple updated their photo app awhile back and this dinosaur couldn’t compute, ha, and drop and drag my photos into WordPress. Luckily its been fixed because we have a lot to talk about!  I’m going to save our New Orleans trip from… Continue reading home

A December to remember

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Have you recovered from decking those halls? I hope they were wonderful!  I finished packing up the last red and white remnants late and gave away two trees – in my quest to simplify holiday decorating for next year. My new mantra for 2018: health, wellness, simplify!  For the first time in… Continue reading A December to remember

peaks and valleys

Hello friends and family! Can you believe turkey time is on the horizon? Lordy! A LOT has happened since we last spoke and I wanted to fill you in before the wild holiday rumpus begins. Let’s start with the peaks. Lori’s open house was a beautiful success! Thank you to all the friends, family, classmates… Continue reading peaks and valleys

WE DID IT! Lori’s open house celebration happening this Friday

Its finally here team (all the smiles, all the heart eyes emojis)! Two years in the making and we saved this sweet historic home while honoring the life of an amazing woman and friend who battled Lupus. It hasn’t really hit me yet that its all coming to completion. However, this Friday is the BIG… Continue reading WE DID IT! Lori’s open house celebration happening this Friday