Inspiration via Scott Antique Market

One of the benefits of living in the design mecca Southeast, is attending Scott Antique Market. In which candidly, we probably take for granted. The show takes place the second full weekend of every month and attracts dealers and buyers from all over the country. Every time I go, I ask myself, “why aren’t you coming here every month?”. You just never know what goodies and GREATS you will uncover, or one-of-a-kind finds you can re-image into masterpieces. For example, this past visit, I came across an old iron balcony railing, in the shape of an arc, and immediately thought, imagine it topped with marble as an entry table?

I brought a client this last hunt and we had a ball searching for items on our punch out list:
console table
ottoman/cocktail table
kitchen table centerpiece
hide rug
Loved this round cocktail table. LOVE. 

Contemplated this old tool box for a dining table centerpiece but determined we need to bring in another finish/texture, like basket weave or iron.

Can you hear the sobs? That’s me boo hooing because I didn’t buy this bench! If you know me, you know I’ll come across a lovely image from a magazine or blog and it stays stuck in my head for years! Seeing this bench conjured up this particular BH&G shot I’ve had saved in my under “holiday decorating” since 2003…

Moving on, these definitely qualify for smokin hot…

Standing nearby was more wonderful foxed mirror, this time in the shape of a screen. Imagine this beauty as a backdrop, centered behind a lovely pair of chairs and center table, artwork along its perimeter???

I had a recent inquiry into designing a lake house space, so it too was on my mind…and wondered if they would like something like this?

Yes, the next piece is available in pairs! They belong to a new dealer at the show and I’m hoping they did well so they will return. If not, I’ve got their card.

They also were the owners of this piece, a favorite of my clients and definite possibility for the foyer space.

These could be fun, all cleaned up and ready to rock…

More sobs from camp Jen…I could of at least inquired about the price…what is my problem? I would of loved these homeys to come home with me.

These made it in the truck. We loved the caramel colored patina on them for my client. Not quite sure where they will go yet, but I was reminded of the saying…”if you love them, get them, you’ll find a place eventually”. Whoever said that is genius.

These caught my eye. There’s something aeronautical/masculine about them. I think they’d look great with a round table.

These are everywhere at Scotts and they also come in the form of a light fixture, which is fun. 

The mega-talented Erika Powell, floated one in the fireplace at last Summer’s Coastal Living Show House, which I’m SO going to use in my own fireplace next Spring/Summer…

I picked up three of these crates for $12 a piece to use as shelving in the beach house bath.

These white floating shelves were temporary and its time for them to fly…especially when a towel goes rolling off into the…whoops.

I think the gray, beat up patina of the crates are the perfect compliment and add some crust to the bathroom. You know how I love crust, or should I say “organic”. My new buzz word. 
Here are two more excellent examples of how you can put $12 crates to work in your home…
very nice.
photo courtesy unknown 🙁 
Love the accordion lamp hanging out in this picture. I don’t know what it is about accordion lights that I love so much, but I’m hooked. Anyone catch the two accordion light pendants hanging over the kitchen island of, I think it was, in House Beautiful??? Haven’t had time to go back and study/research those yet. 
photo courtesy unknown 🙁 
I had lake house on my mind again when I snapped a shot of this chair, lake house and a little Alice in Wonderland tea party. 

I like mixing in a one off chair like so, with other upholstered pieces short, tall, big, small.  This chair would also look great with a slipcover hanging off its bottom.

If ever in need of a crusty pale patina’d lamp, here’s your man! 

Table and gorgeous floor lamps! The blue one, second from right, gets my vote.

Time to pause for station identification…the food at Scotts is most definitely part of the show. The Greek food in the back corner of the North building oh my! I can’t seem to ever tear myself away to try anything else, and there is a lot of great chow walking by. This time it was the tabouleh, the cowboy caviar and the EGGPLANT up to bat. The eggplant – TO DIE. We could not stop eating it or talking about it!

Meet George of “Pedestal”. George is a local guy, from LaGrange, and had a beautiful booth.  We stood around and thought lonnnng and hard over this mirror for her foyer but in the end had to pass, because we really want a table in the foyer, first and foremost, and this guy was just one foot too big to do both. Darn.

Great lamps by George, and are you ready for this, $295 for the PAIR! A steal when you consider what you pay for a lamp shade alone.

In love with these rugs. Logged for future reference.

In both color ways…

This next picture doesn’t quite do the lantern justice. It was enormous! And that yoke! I love a good yoke. Again, logged for future design plans.

We both wanted the gothic styled door but at one G flat (no need to worry, my accountant handles that…can you name that tune?), what’s a girl to do but admire and compliment the owner on such a lovely vignette: the chairs, rug, door, panels, lamp…

If only you had a twin to go with! A steal at $149.

Just goes to show, ain’t nothing like the real thing baby, when I look at this photo. This table was beyond fabulous but alas, my photog skills are not. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. Stellar.

The best thing about snapping photos at the show, is you go back and see things again for the first time, like the starburst mirror,  top left corner. Aren’t you pretty. I took the photo for all that gorgeous greenery (and the pair of white urns filled with silver ornaments). I cannot wait to get out there and clip away the magnolias for Christmas.

These three would make a great trio somewhere,  even just one by itself in a nondescript, unexpected part of your home…

( is responsible for their beauty).

The lamps were a YES for my client. Thinking a dark shade maybe? Or something unexpected. Still working through that.

So do you wanna know what I bought? Nothing too exciting. The three crates, like I mentioned earlier and this oversized round tray for $38. Yeah, no idea where or what I’m going to do with it, but that no name genius we mentioned earlier, that always peeps into my head…”if you love it, buy it” came calling. 
If you are local and never been to Scotts, you must go and to my out of town friends, its so worth the trip! Now I will say, there are months better than others, but you didn’t hear it from me. 😉 Think April. 
Have a great week you all! I’m off to Birmingham today to meet with a fun new family and help them design a kitchen/family room functional and comfortable for nine. Bring the noise I say. 
-Tuesday its downtown to ADAC to explore more fabric options and be inspired by the beautiful showrooms. 
-Wednesday will be a down day – hah, yeah right. I’ll be coming off a late night at the Georgia Dome watching my beloved Michigan State Spartans basketball team! Thank you to my husband for surprising me with row one seats, via our good friends from East Lansing. I’ve never sat in the first row EVER in my life for anything I cared about as much as my school! Phantom of the Opera, surrre but my Spartonians? Tommy Izzo?! 
(simmer down Jen). 
Thursday is another big day and it just dawned on me I haven’t shared the big news with you all. Awww hells bells, I promise I’ll spill it by Wednesday. And I hate being that girl by the way, ohhh I have a big surprise in store but wait – can’t share. THEN WHY EVEN MENTION IT? 
Finally Friday its off to Lakewood 400 Antique Show as we only checked hide rug, lamps and accessories off that long list up top. Much more to do! Time and money are running out…chop-chop. 


  1. You saw some great stuff girl!!! Everything you loved I did too… we can’t ever go together or their could be a fight:). Sounds like your busy…..go girl!

    1. Hah! I’m out of gas already and its only Monday night…thinking about postponing ADAC for next week. Any takers? Kinda need to be pumped up for that one. Two round trips downtown tomorrow might kill me. Love your sweet ass for featuring us today! xoxo

  2. Saw your post on the Friends of Vickery Facebook Page a few weeks ago, about the spread highlighting your work in “Atlanta Home and Lifestyles”. WOW! Can’t wait until the issue comes out, I’m sure that the kitchen is going to be so beautiful, and of course the homeowners are so lucky. Not to mention the fact that the work you are doing for T-Olive is just beautiful, which explains why the lighting on the new homes looks so great. It’s thrilling for the neighborhood to have such an accomplished designer living here (more publicity for our great community :), we haven’t had one since Kerry Howard left. My only complaint is that we don’t get to see enough pictures, can’t wait to see the Lake Martin project, and the one on Cordery Road. Love the beautiful kitchen that you did with your partner Lisa… So please, please keep the pictures coming…

    1. Aww thanks neighbor, but I’m afraid you have given me way to much credit here. 😉 Those beautiful lights are all the work of my friend and designer Lyndsey Woods of L Kae Interiors. And oh how I wish it was AH&L, maybe someday, but for now I am eternally grateful and misty eyed to Atlanta Magazine and Editor Lisa Mowry for loving our work!!! Many thanks to you and your sweet comments. Stay tuned for more pictures, I promise.


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