Obsessed: Tobi Tobin Design

Ok, where have I been?

While studying the most recent issue of House Beautiful, I stumbled upon rock star designer Tobi Tobin and her beautiful Hollywood Hills Farm House.

I couldn’t get enough of it. 

The pages already worn out. At first I thought maybe Tobi was a boy until I stalked looked up her website and was like wow, this chic is all that AND a bag of chips (packaged inside a beautiful black and gold bag of course).

rock on sister

I love it when this happens.
Because its kind of rare these days.
A motivational jolt, when I come across a spread that makes me mad crazy to reinvent my home. I was home only a few hours before I started inventorying every piece I could paint high gloss black, including my kitchen island…maybe. I learned from the best, Alessandra Branca, that every room needs one black piece to ground it. I just didn’t think to use the advice in my own home.

I was recently contemplating a story idea titled “inspired by”, a fun little exercise listing my favorite designers and photos, that when witnessed all together, would help me bring it home around here.  Tobi fits into this finely-tuned web quite nicely. She’s a little bit Erin Martin, Steven Schubel and rock and roll. She loves mirrors as much as Myra Hoefer does. And coincidentally, those were the last three designer spreads I went gaga over in magazine land, over a 12 month span :-(.  I wonder what it is that attracts us to certain styles? We’ll take that deep dive later. For now let’s take a look…

  (all images via House Beautiful, just in case)

For years I criticized myself for having too many mirrors in my house, thinking it was not all that creative and a little bit vain until I stumbled upon Myra Hoefer’s gorgeous home and now Tobins. Au contraire mon fraire! The more mirrors you have, the more light, the more reflection and the more energy moving around…

Did I lose you on that last one about the energy? 🙂
I’m kind of a feng shui-er.
A lot of their principals have just stuck with me in my design mantra. Let’s face it, ever been somewhere and you just can’t relax, feel anxious or the lights are way too bright? That’s kind of feng shui friends. BTW the last one is the killer…WHY, WHY the bright light? Wanna kill a mood or a party? Turn every light on and don’t install dimmers. Goes without saying right? Hah! You’d be surprised. I won’t a. go to a restaurant where the light is too bright or b. sit in a section of the restaurant where the light is too bright.

Coo coo ca-choo.

Myra Hoefer’s gorgeous French-inspired home via House Beautiful. 
These two gals are BIG on mirrors and GREAT at the mix. Check that – amazing at the mix. 

This stunning gold capiz chandelier is from Z Gallerie and its BOSS in this space. I’m all boo hoo because the location by us closed. Maybe they’re relocating nearby? Half full. 
Tobi’s dining room. FABulous. Holy bird cage envy. I’ve always wanted a big oversized cage like this and never really thought I had the place for it. Maybe I can squeeze one into my dining room. After seeing her home I’m ready to add layer upon layer to that room (if only my eggs were still marketable?! Why didn’t anyone tell me that when I was under 30? I’d of gladly shared them with the world and had the college funds humming right now). There is a certain consistency throughout Tobin’s home that I admire. Its one of those things I’m type A anal about. For example, I feel like whatever is going on in room A and B, one or two elements from there should carry on into room C, so there is this underlying flow and relationship to one another. That can really drive you crazy if you’re not careful. ;-))) With Tobin, its the every girl’s best friend Target matchstick blinds on every window…and the mirrors… and the palette. Rock star.

A lot to see and study in this next pic but my blow-it-up, number one is the antique pine twin beds against a Ralph Lauren paper backdrop with a long-time favorite mirror paired above each (how’s that for a run-on sentence). The shelf and mirror collage over the stove a close close second. And damn what I would do for that same rug in my front foyer #onthehunt. That rug is pretty much my house in a nutshell: taupe, gray, cream, taupe, gray, cream, pause, throw in a little blue. 

Who votes for the table below as the next star of the show? I’m going to guess all ya’ all. Although I never met a grasscloth wallpaper I didn’t like and would really love to know where those mirrored lamps came from. I feel like I should know this but cannot recall who or where. 
When I first saw the empty apothecary jar, I thought shoot, I have plenty of those around and never thought to leave them empty? Although probably would not. Fill em up with dog treats maybe? But it sure does look pretty by itself. A candle would also be pretty while guests come and go. When listening to Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith of Circa Interiors speak (more obsession going on with their new book), they mentioned the entrance to your home should be full of only your favorite things, the first thing you and everyone else sees when coming and going. I thought that was EXCELLENT advice. 

Lastly, Tobin transformed a small bedroom and sleeping porch into her master. Genius and what a great view! Another great paper on the walls too. The table with books at the end of the bed is a nice change of pace and you gotta love a girl who can mix all that different seating together, high, low, wide, slim. This can come in handy when you have a tight budget. Great chairs of all shapes and sizes are fairly easy to come by and inexpensive to reinvent and recover, depending on the style. 
Well enough of me rambling on. I really could fire off about thirty more things I love about this home but we all gotta sleep. If you like what you see, pick up this month’s House Beautiful so you can read all her design advice for yourself and hopefully be mad crazy inspired to conquer some new design conquests around your nest. Or check out her website HERE. I stalked it plenty on the ride home from the wedding…wait until you see the jewelry!

Besides work and taking care of my chickens this week, I’ll be digging out a can of high gloss black paint. Will report back soon.

Happy hump day eve friends. Hope your week is flying high!

Jenny from the rock


  1. Love it and your blog! Remember, she was in Lonny not too long ago. Lonny has similar pics but the rooms do not have the wallpaper. I like the wallpaper look. Or maybe it’s not the same house…

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  3. Do you have a source for the the beautiful crystal chandelier in the kitchen photo???

    1. I wish! It looks vintage to me. If you give me a little time I can try and source it for you. Thanks for reading! xo

  4. I want to come see your home. Your style is very much like mine. Only someone in your neighborhood knows Vreeland and Telegraph. You can call be West and Fort. LOL

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