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Hi lovers! Happy hump day evening – at last. Already feels like it could be Friday but hey, no complaints on the road. 
As a designer in Atlanta, you are very spoiled by Scott Antique Market and if you don’t attempt to get their every month, its borderline blasphemy. You just never know what you might find, or when inspiration strikes and BAM the vision of your client’s living room comes together in an instant. Or the months you don’t make it and are like sht, what I miss?! 
So tonight we’re going to travel back to my October, November and December trips as Scotts is almost upon us for February. Here goes. 

First at bat were these MONSTER lanterns #holysht. I’d put them in a restaurant stat. Their rusty patina would look killer against some matte black walls. 

Hate it when you’re on a mission at scotts and you walk by stuff that is not priced or unmanned and don’t have the patience to wait around for the answer. Like this mirror. Breaks my heart to see it here again and not in the back of my TRUCK. And what about those blue lamps in the reflection? Some new shades and blam-o!

Spotted this guy and thought you are PERFECT…

For my client’s sassy mudroom! This space was totally inspired from my trip to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island last Summer. Palladium Blue by Benjamin Moore painted on the inside of the cabinets. Stripes in Sandy Hook Gray, also Ben Moore, and our light all shiny and bright, thanks to the wizards at Lamp Arts. When we style for the photo shoot, I think I’ll throw some red flowers in there and maybe some green glasses for the quintessential Grand Hotel color palette.

Loved this random 3/4 of a door for an object d’art but the price was way steep.

Would of rather had the painting, but again, no price or person to ask.

A steal at $75 for the pair, indoor or outdoor.

How SWEET is this milk glass and gold pendant??? Easily the centerpiece of so many cool spaces.

I’m addicted. And I really have no idea why. Maybe because I admire their posture and mine sucks?  

The pair of pendants – the best!

oh man

Pick a style prop, any style prop…

Yes, the tall guys in the middle.

The color of this blue leather, set of eight! It reminds me of that killer blue and black house featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles maybe two holiday’s ago. Anyone else retain that spread?

The crust on this clock…

I bought this guy. I like circles. I’m collecting all different kinds of industrial type spheres and will someday style an entire bookshelf with them.

A sweet reminder for us all. xo

Globe lights…literally.

Hah! A dream.

Moving on to November. Abstract artwork is the inspiration behind a custom painting in the making for my client’s dining room which I’ll be happy to share with you all asap. 

It evoked good thoughts about service, goodwill, fellowship. I liked it. So it made the cut.

How’s this for a fire pit? Or a witch’s brew.

FINALLY pulled the trigger on my own pair. They are standing guard by the back door and make me really happy.

The perfect pair of side tables. Anywhere.

Driftwood anyone? I like that big piece bottom right just to set atop a coffee table.

One of the reasons you need to hit Scotts every month, is that some dealers come and go, or maybe just try it out once or twice. This gal was one of them, and her stuff was really well done.

I’m a sucker for prints like this. What a great color combo. Again, this could be the spring board for an entire room.

And good ole toile. Sucka.

Moving into December…

Recall earlier when I mentioned styling an entire book case with circular objects? I die. I’d gladly take em all and just go to town. LOOK HOW GREAT THEY ALL LOOK TOGETHER? And the frame too. Throw her in!


Wanted to buy you. Notice the shield on the side. I love to many things.


These were enourmous! Kicking myself.


And lastly from December, the fabric on this chair. Dig.


I managed to hit the Queen recently and it was a hot day. Wanted to buy it all…

settee (to be recovered of course).

Everything you see here. Can I live here?

In the name of the greek key!

This green with gold thread pillow, hello.

Mr. Gabrielson’s pecky cypress side tables. Can you stand it? So good. Going in a bachelor pad stat.

Speaking of the Gabrielson family, our girl Lisa still keeps her booth at the Queen STOCKED. Jenny picked up a couple of ditties for herself that day. ut oh. This still life and the lamps!

Well done I thought. And I liked the whip stitched X pattern. Shocker. But really, you could work this little dress maker detail onto the back of some slipcovered chairs, a random trim tape pattern, etc.

A couple of months ago I SEARCHED THE WORLD OVER for a large silver starburst and don’t you know, this one pops up at Lowes now that the job is completed. FYI. Eighty bucks and really good looking.

Also came across this TILE. 
Which ended up the inspiration for the finish on this client’s ceiling. SHAZAM! 
You just never know when inspiration might strike. Diana Vreeland said “the eye has to travel” even if it is just to Lowes. ;-))) 
Have a great rest of your week you all!
Jenny from the rock 


  1. omg, so much eye candy! LOVE that white retro pendant! And the patina lanterns…I would go broke going to Scott’s every month! Great finds! (BTW, Dorothy B mentioned she knows you. I’ll be at the DB conference in March. I’ll come find you and introduce myself…would love to meet you in person!)

  2. Jennifer….I love your website. I just happened upon it looking around for abstract art. I saw that you like Scott’s for that. Which building and is there a particular dealer you like? I think I will head there this weekend.

    1. Thank you! I think it was the south building but my memory is awful. I have a local artist that paints custom abstracts in your color palette and would be happy to give you her information. You can view her work on my instagram page at “jschoenbergerdesign”, a recent picture, just yesterday actually. Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words!

  3. Where can I find the directions for the burlap lamp you have on Pinterest? The one that has the burlap cut into strips, then tied on to the frame?

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