holiday home tour

Merry Christmas Eve friends!! I hope you are enjoying all the magic and wonder this season brings!

Our family Christmas tree with some new pops of emerald green
Cozy hygge foyer ready to welcome guests
I like to adorn objects around our home with flea market finds
I’ve always wanted to make an Advent Calendar, this was my first attempt.
Keeping Room table top tree – easy peasy
Gingerbread ornaments from IKEA – all the broken ones tasted great!
I like to collect an accessory souvenir from every trip – marble eggs compliments of Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Breakfast table
A favorite vignette when I walk down the stairs from my home office
An antique sleigh that belonged to Mom #favoritethings
We cleaned out my parents home last summer :-(((( but this wreath Mom made she had saved in the attic #purejoy
Family Room tree – where all our childhood, hand-made ornaments and old dolls shine
New this year – Jack & Sophia’s first Christmas outfits and a favorite Mom sewed for me. Daddy’s childhood mittens sewn to a stocking #favoritethings
Christmas books from all our childhoods in an antique book press scored at Scott’s for a song
Mom’s Dickens Village – a favorite holiday tradition for Sophia Sunshine. We were giving them away last Summer to friends and family, she had so many still left in the attic.
Finally had my act together this year and planted them on time! Federal bulls eye mirror #classic #favoritething
Simple heart garland in the Master Bedroom
Gave the artifical tree away last year and chose another simple adorned table top tree. Rock is from Torch Lake, where we were married #makeitmeaningful
All things birch bark! That’s what I say. Spent hours peeling off its paper in our front yard waiting for my sister and brother to come home from school.
My childhood ice skates and more birch ;-)))))
Friendly reminder xoxo

I hope you enjoyed our holiday home tour! I tried to keep it simple this year and am making progress 😉 We put a Charlie Brown tree in Jack’s room with the old school oversized colored bulbs and a star up top – love it for him. Sophia put up her white tree but both rooms were too messy to document – shocker.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!! Taking all this joy, grace, kindness and generosity of the season and making it last all year long – that’s my goal. What’s your goal for the new year? If only every day was like Christmas what a wonderful world it would be.

Much love and peace to you family! As always, thanks for riding along Vreeland Road with me.

jennifer sunshine


  1. Beautiful Jennifer really enjoyed this, Thank You Merry Christmas to you and your family Tom & Rhonda Neckel

  2. So loved the tour…I see so much of your mother in your beautiful home…Merriest of Christmases to your family…making kindness the priority in 2019 although we all try sometimes it just gets away from us. 2019 – Compliment a stranger every single day! It can’t be someone you know or see every day, or you’re favorite check out person at your store or your neighbor…MUST be a complete stranger…going for it!

    1. Awe thanks Nanny!!! I LOVE YOUR GOAL! I was walking down Peachtree Road one day in Buckhead, crazy busy street, and this gal rolled down her window and yelled “hey girl! I love your style!!!” Made my day! Love you Campbells!!!

  3. Bravo for your heartwarming and original decorating. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing!!

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