beach house design update

Happy July friends! We are halfway through the year already…WHAT!? How are those new year’s resolutions working out for you? Hah. Same here. Probably time to revisit them, if we could actually remember what they were? Anyhoo, some of you know we have a little seaside abode on 30A we bought and totally gutted a… Continue reading beach house design update

ease on down the road

Big news in the Schoenberger house. We are selling our house and easing on down the road to a new one. Say what? You just finished that house??? I’m told that’s how it happens. Finish one, move on to another. Not really sinking in yet. I’ll count those chickens when it’s time, so in the… Continue reading ease on down the road

Before and After: Beach house update

Hi loves! Its about time we revisit the beach house before and after post and follow up with all those details I promised. Its been so long, I also have a few changes and additions to share with you too (shocker, changes). But first, a tiny confession. When I wrote the above, I spoke like… Continue reading Before and After: Beach house update

Beach House Before & After: My Work of Heart

Hello friends! I hope your holiday weekend was everything you hoped it to be. After a very successful school year for both my babies, we headed down to the beach to celebrate Jackie boy’s 9th birthday. I had picked out a few two piece swimsuits to take, so we were off! While there, I began… Continue reading Beach House Before & After: My Work of Heart