Where have you been?

Hey there! Remember me? Your designer friend. Holy month of May. Poof! Up and gone already. Kicked off my birthday month with a bang and met my HERO Mary McDonald at ADAC. Wanna talk about star struck…for the first five minutes I don’t think I really comprehended what she was saying to me. And I’ve… Continue reading Where have you been?

A love letter to Mom

Hi Mom,I’ve been trying for months to organize all my photos and mementos and came across this post card you sent me in college. I cherish it and will admit, most days feel pretty emerald, all thanks to you, Dad and the rest of the village that raised me. I sent it to Jackie and… Continue reading A love letter to Mom

A Mother’s Love

Greetings! Here’s hoping you are having a gorgeous Mother’s Day weekend! My mother, Lucinda Vreeland Hehl, posing by her paintings at the Wyandotte Street Fair, Circa 1970s. No doubt always a bittersweet day for me. Having said goodbye to the centerpiece of my world at the ripe age of 22, the road has definitely had… Continue reading A Mother’s Love