Dreaming of Provence

A friend and client of mine is about to embark on an exciting new project to build a one-of-a- kind French cottage here in Georgia and shared with me this GORGEOUS home you can rent in the South of France. Hubba. Hubba.
Our journey will be much fun as indicated by our initial meeting with renowned architect Lew Oliver. What an honor and a privilege to sit in the same room with such a remarkable talent. Two words for that man: dream maker.
Its going to be a great ride, full of inspiration and new ideas, all well documented here on the road. Our guiding light is the region of Provence. No shortage of inspiration my dears with homes like this to view and rent. Enjoy these stunning views…
Those floors!
I love a simple black return rod. You can order some similar here.
Notice the three niches above the refrigerator and the simplicity of that one sweet pendant light over that magnificent countertop! See similar pendants here.
Imagine waking up here? Of course I love the x detail on those wonderful doors.
hello sunshine!
Enjoy some fabulous French fare here. Oh what a wonderful life!
Read more about this fantastic home here.
Why stop now? I threw in a few more of my favorites from the vault…
the dream fireplace
Another simple yet dramatic iron corona above the bed. I will have these available for my clients soon.
two toned walls, no baseboards, no moulding, who needs it with interiors this gorgeous?
Again, gorgeous drapes on simple return rods. Casement windows that open in instead of out.
I specifically remember saving this photo as a potential solution for my husband’s sink to be out of sight, out of mind. I throw my hands up on it being neat and tidy.
And lastly, I scanned these hard copy cut outs from my design library. They’re from Country Home (rest in peace) 2006. Pardon the rip in the middle of the page.
I wanted to express that low ceilings are not a curse, as often perceived in today’s build-it-big world. They can be very luxurious and cozy and green (as opposed to heating those mammoth two story great rooms).
This couple had fabulous French taste! Paired with these darling matching sofas were two black and white striped chairs. Outstanding. The floor lamps – to die for. Every time I look at the photo I find something new and different I love about it.
I’ve been contemplating draping my dining room table and this picture puts me right over the edge. Someday when I finally land some great French dining chairs I may have to pair it with a wonderful table cover.
I hope you enjoyed this trip through the French countryside.
Au revoir mes amours!


  1. This is fabulous news on every single level! I loved the post, and drooled over the pics of my favorite design genre…ever! If you need an assistant, you know where to find her…;)

  2. Jennifer Love your blog!!!! The other J Schoenberger Designer would be so proud of you……

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