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Well today I embark on a twelve hour journey back home to the great state of Michigan for a much needed VACATION. I’ll have my two favorite co-pilots with me and if all goes well we won’t pull into town during a tornado like last year. I’m thinking to myself, “You mean to tell me I just drove 600 miles without a hitch, by myself, with my precious cargo, and five miles from home you’re going to throw a tornado at me?!”

I was never so scared. Having no control over what might happen to your babies is not a good place. But I digress and here we are on our third annual pilgrimage where we’ll spend four long weeks. A dream come true for this hometown girl.

While I’m gone visiting family and friends, I’ll be photographing and taking notes of all sorts of beautiful places, architecture, shops, objects and inspiration. Up until now, I’ve been typing my little big heart out and lined up a handful of thoughtful and picturesque posts for you. I won’t leave you hangin!

Sitting on the dock at Torch Lake


beautiful views

hip shopping

fabulous fireworks

quaint cottage flower shops and gardens

gorgeous architecture

The gypsy agenda looks a little like this…

-Hit East Lansing for U2 concert at Spartan Stadium. Reminisce about seeing The Stones there and scoring 12th row for Mom, Dad and big Brother (proud moment for broke college kid).

-Head over to the west coast and stay with old friends in their new cottage on Lake Michigan.

-Truck it back to Dad’s house and get into some trouble with the girls.

-Head north to Torch Lake, one of the world’s most beautiful, for Uncle Thom’s insane Fourth of July fireworks display all the while yelling “FREEDOM!!!”

-Back to Dad’s to get in more trouble with the girls.

-Eat all my favorite foods not found in Atlanta.

-Head back to the west coast, this time Ludington, where my Father-in-law is from. Check out Papa Maurice’s childhood home here and stay the night.

-Take the kiddos to all the street fairs. Smell and eat food truck fare.

-Catch up on back issues of Vanity Fair. Tell others to read “Vanity Fair Nominates” monthly spotlight about courageous individuals doing outstanding things to move us all forward.

-Get down dawg at my favorite yoga studio.

-Laugh a lot.

-Love on Dad. He suffered a minor stroke last weekend but is ok. Praise God.

-Make the rounds to all my favorite vintage clothing stores and antique joints.

-Rearrange and decorate Dad’s house. Dad calls me Martha. Its pretty cute.

-Dig out old pictures for blog. Guaranteed laughter all around.

-Split Mom’s hostas. Give to family, friends, neighbors. Try transplanting some to Torch.

-Head back to Torch Lake for a week with the unit.

-Take a scenic drive to Harbor Springs for fun shops and Bluff Gardens for curry dip.

-Buy fresh cherry pie and sweet corn from roadside stand.

-Return home aglow.

Happy Summer friends! I hope you are taking some much deserved time for yourself and your family and soaking up the long summer days. Here’s to ya!

Jenny from the rock

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