Palm Springs pretties

You may have heard I took a trip recently to Palm Springs with all my college roommates. We all turned 40 this year and we’re all like damn straight we’re taking a big trip.

We decided on Palm Springs after looking at all the hip homes for rent on VRBO and the many different things to do…spa, hike, yoga, shop, swim, eat, drink. It was an amazing time, amazing trip and I’m considering my retirement plan after visiting. I LOVED the desert air! I get why my Aunt and Uncle live in Arizona. 
So here’s some design pretties I captured along with some good times and fab finds mixed in…

the crib…

toasted french bread with blue cheese and honey drizzle  #partyinyourmouth

First night! Kozik likes to hold things up in pictures…keep that thought…

open air eating – the best!

Spa-ing it

All over these…


Amazing meal at Workshop Kitchen + Bar

“the king of cocktails”
camera loves these girls! 

“without the early morning awkwardness and wayward feelings”


THE PALMER!!!!! Design darling (is it the palmer or the parker? I couldn’t keep it straight all weekend).

How funky is your chicken…

How loose is your goose?

Big front doors just make me think…bang bang bang “we’re here to see the wizard!!!”

Trina Turks boutique!

You bet your ass I bought something…

Picked up this vintage dress, the Princess Leia, for $14. Throw some bun braids in and I’ve got next years Halloween costume one and done. 

Color inspire.

say CHEESE (balls)! 

Strolling along downtown we witnessed a majestic fireworks display that just so happened to be happening…love it when that happens.

#whywehangout #pyourpants

Purple mountain majesties…

don’t do em

The very Brady Bunch fireplace at THE PALMER/PARKER (all caps always). We LOVED the place. And of course they served perfecto cocktails.

Kozik strikes again…

“Cause jj fad is devastating…”

And that’ll do it! Good times.

Up with the sun, gone with the wind
She always said I was lazy
Leavin’ my home, leavin’ my friends
Runnin’ when things get too crazy
Out to the road, out ‘neath the stars
Feelin’ the breeze, passin’ the cars

Those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul

– Travelin Man, Bob Seger 

Here’s to feelin the breeze, 


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