Back to school

It was the first day of school today for my little rascals. Early August? Yes, I know. Kind of a bummer but we’re learning to live with it. Sophia was especially excited.

“My two favorite days 
of school are the first day 
and the last day!” 
– Sophia Sunshine

True that.

I came across this throw back picture of my sibs and I, and was reminiscing about those same feelings growing up.

First and foremost, WHO IS MY TEACHER?! Did I get Mrs. Campbell? DARN IT! She was Mom and Dad’s friend and I was jockeying for preferential treatment or class pet for sure. Never happened, but Mrs. Hartwig did, and she was my all-time favorite. Pretty, blonde, a great sense of style, what’s not to love? Carried me all the way to the Principal’s office when I fell off the monkey bars (showing off I’m sure). Its funny as I see all of these qualities in Sophia. I think all little girls are born with stars in their eyes.

Then it was run down the street to find out who your best buds had and pray for a miracle and a great seat assignment (Second grade sitting next to my bestie Debbie King and Lori in third grade!).

Off to school shopping, which in my house, consisted of a new pair of black and white saddle shoes (because the high school cheerleaders wore them). Mom would take us to the Kinney Shoe Store in town (now the Pet Store, next to The Donut Shop, which sits across from The Butcher Shop: all the makings of small town life) where an actual person would measure and fetch your size. It was all very exciting, shoe shopping #foreshadowing

Then a new white blouse, sometimes pink, matching pair of knee highs and whatever coordinating color ribbon for the year’s flavor of jumper Mom made above. Every year something different and I particularly remember loving this one for the tiny pink flowers on it. It was one of Mom’s thangs and teachers would stop me to admire her latest creation every first day of school. Of course I never thought it was a big deal then and hated having to “stand still!” while she measured me over and over again. I had Barbie’s to style, there was drama with Ken, things to do Mom! (I think its suppose to be s apostrophe but I’m 15 years removed from the School of Journalism, who’s/whose judging?).

Here are my babies on their first day of school. I cannot sew but we try to make it a big deal with a special shopping trip for the first day of school outfit and that’s about it. Just as my parents really couldn’t afford to lavish us with tons and tons of new school clothes, I won’t be doing so either. They’ve got plenty of hand-me-downs from my generous friends and some great consignment sale finds to get creative with. Creativity being the key. xo

Thanks Mom for the memories and encouraging us to be creative as well.

Hope you all enjoyed this little jaunt down memory lane and it triggered lots of happy memories for you too.

Jennifer Sunshine


  1. Just walked down memory lane with you!! Thanks for bringing back the great memories! Needed this today!

  2. I can remember the first day of school every year and the excitement of a new outfit…….my Mom sewed also and I can still remember my first “store bought” outfit! So exciting!

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