Vacation Diaries: part one

Well we’ve been in school now for a good three weeks and reality has definitely set in.  Every morning at 6:15 I roll over and tell Mike how much I HATE school, having to get up SO early…”maybe I should homeschool???” Work is nuts, a good nuts. I’m in the process of moving the ROAD over to WordPress and designing a new website (super stoked), scheduled my home to be professionally photographed for the portfolio (ahhhh not ready! not ready!), meeting with a business coach, completely changing the way I operate, for the better, thinking about studio space and trying to have a life somewhere in between. SO what better post/release/escape than to reminisce about those glorious Summer days back in Michigan, especially since my ass is going to be driving all the way back again tomorrow.

I didn’t really know where to start or stop, sifting through all the moments, but I thought this picture pretty much SAYS IT ALL so we’ll start here. 😉

the BEST bbq in Detroit of all places. No lie and I had a Georgia foodie peach with me to prove it. I mean, have you ever? If only I had time to hit Slows again this weekend. 

Interesting artwork on the side of the building, was curious what it looked like at night.

Showing Georgia Jilly the D in all its gritty, hip, cracked-out-ness.

I love this next building so much it hurts #somebodysaveme I don’t know what it is about the billionaire that owns this once crown jewel. Apparently he wants his legacy to be rotting decay of historical landmarks. He’s currently being sued by the folks in Windsor, Canada for letting a bunch of homes on the Canadian side of the Ambassador Bridge rot, decay and sit boarded up. What a LOSER.

This one too…Comerica Building. Such a gem. Its very Gotham City looking at the top.

The day ended at Torch, what a day!

Well actually the Town Club where I introduced Jill to the famous olive burger and what would become our home away from home on the “she-cation”. Talk about some gooood eatin that day.

Breakfast with a view before the rest of our lovelies arrive.

Right at home…

“Jen’s in a really good place in this picture” – Diane.

I was. ;-))

Last night of two dollar burgers and beers at the Dockside, it was rockin! Introduced my Atlanta girls to Oberon on draft, brewed in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Can’t come home without drinking an extra five pounds worth! 

hello piggies

Bay Harbor, synonymous with big money, big boats, big cribs. 

We did kind of stick out in small town Northern Michigan #tableoftenbabes

So I somehow finagled a long weekend for all my friends at Torch,  as you have figured out. It was an amazing trip because there is nothing like sharing Torch Lake with someone that has never been, especially those you love and respect so much. It was an incredible time, one I will never ever forget, or the one liners that are still circulating via text.

Diane said it best…

shecation (n)
she-ca-tion [ she ka’ysh’n ] – consists of silver and gold friends, pleading Oh Canada! – let us out, avoiding receipt thieves, encouraging Jill to wait and see what’s behind door #3!, drinking Oberon roadies, taking Charlie’s Angels boat tours, calling on Vickery neighbors to help start the boat, understanding that there’s something about Larry (but not his St. Pete, truck driving son), jumping into Caribbean blue water (sometimes to rescue hats), finding Petoskey Stone treasures, knowing that even Torch Lake turns Spartan green, making pitstops halfway between the Equator & Northpole, running up mountains with screaming calf muscles to prove it, touching flag poles, searching for Eminem’s home, eating whitefish with plenty of hot sauce, getting a scalp massage from strangers, correcting the spelling of strippers, being scolded by 18 year olds for being too loud, sharing a 1st anniversary Cameo moment, drinking an obscene amount of Prosecco, sampling oatmeal bar toppings, enjoying beautiful glassware, throwing the anchor down at the sandbar, dreaming of Dreaming Tree Wine, hearing the T.I. song for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ……… time, making connections (hello Minneapolis, New York, Detroit & Traverse City), sitting on the dock of Torch Lake wasting time, playing craps – mama needs a new pair of shoes, photographing the full moon, rocking the juke box at the local waterhole every night, sleeping in again, asking “Whats dress code?”, and not wanting it all to end.

Ohhhh I was sad to see it end. But so grateful it happened.

Did you know the world’s three most beautiful lakes, per the very smart people at National Geographic? 1. Lake Geneva 2. Lake Louise and 3. TORCH! JUST in case you are ever on Jeopardy, now you know.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Jack and Sophia more excited as when they came flying down the water slide at Great Wolf Lodge. They didn’t know I could see them and they were going wild on each other. Total proud, you know Jen, you might be on to this Mommy thing, moment. Thanks KOKO for hooking us up at the lodge! xoxo

Home of the Traverse City Film Festival

Good eats at Red Ginger. 

Cute storefront in downtown TC

Just a normal night cruising Scenic Highway 31

three little monkeys

A favorite painting of mine at Torch, the view of the ocean outside, the frame, divine.

And a favorite line from my hubby’s poem “The Cottage On The Hill”

“We gather for the holidays to celebrate giving. Realizing to a person, THE THRILL IS IN LIVING”

Here’s a gorgeous stream that runs through downtown Elk Rapids and into Grand Traverse Bay. Kids are free to jump in and play anytime. A sweet little pedestrian bridge down the way takes you to the public library. Its all very fairy tale and a LONNNNNG ways away from Atlanta traffic.

Here’s the view from Elk Rapids Marina. Grab an ice cream and just stroll.

Well I think this is probably a good stopping point and enough pretty for one day. We covered the first ten days of the trip. Be back soon with more, including some killer design inspiration in the D, great thrifting and antique finds from all over the state and a few updates of what’s going on around our home here in Atlanta, in preparation for the big shoot. For now, its time to pack.

Cheerio friends! Have an amazing holiday weekend!!!

Jenny from the rock 


    1. Awwww thanks girl! Its so funny, every time, as you know, when you put out a post, you’re like do I sound like an ass, do I sound stupid, is anyone even going to appreciate this? Its good to know that what I’m trying to say/feel in words is coming across! Love you much! xoxo

  1. I can not retrace my blog hopping today… and happily, this is where I’ve landed. I am off on a girls weekend (we call Away Bunco) beginning Thursday- we’ll be on Lake Chelan in Washington state. My in-laws were born and raised in D-town suburbs and bleed Blue & Gold. Our 2 week honeymoon 27 years ago was a drive up the eastside to the U.P. and down the westside of MI. The roadside cherry pie we bought near Traverse City is still a flavor/memory we can recall with great happiness.
    Thanks for the tour today. I look forward to seeing more of D. through your eyes – the news I’ve read recently sounds like the pioneering creatives are not winning yet against the tide of monetary downturn. Cheers!

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