Our Holiday Home Tour 2019 part one

Holy Smokes here we are at another Christmas season folks! They come faster and faster! And when it comes to decorating, I’m still a little kid at Christmas and can’t wait to see what transpires. Every year its different and I am super excited to give you this year’s home tour – so come on in!

One major goal accomplished was getting the wreaths up on the windows. Wouldn’t you know it, the one year I bailed, it snowed!

I took a family poll and RED was the winning ribbon color. Classic.

My other goal was to keep it simple! I try really hard ha. I remind myself often what a pain in the a$$ it is to take it all down.

Let’s start in the foyer where I sprinkled the entry table with treasures from my girls trip to Florida and a few trees from my collection.

All the sea treasures looking right at home with holiday glitz
Moved a pair of Schumacher’s Vanderbilt Velvet pillows in here and took the plaid pillow to our bedroom. Very common occurrence in these parts. Pillow swapping.
happy little corner and close up of our herringbone foyer floors.
New this year, candles and lanterns scattered up the stairs under the adage “group like items together for dramatic impact”

Moving into our formal living room, or otherwise known as the pecky cypress room. Sadly this room doesn’t get a lot of use throughout the year but it sure does steal the show at Christmastime.

The mantle is a mystery every year. Last year i felt like loading it up with tons of greens and this year I barely cut any. New this year are the pair of silver orb garlands I found at Scotts and hung asymmetrical to one side, or as Lindsey says “like a sexy side ponytail”.
I love to embellish the stockings with special, random objects, like the Marilyn Monroe pin Mom gave me for Christmas from the Wyandotte Street Fair or the gold leaf on twine that came off a gift from Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago. Hang onto all those pretty little trinkets because you just never know where you might use them.
Greek key and vintage ornaments…these are a few of my favorite things!
The view from this room of our outdoor dining area. I noticed a big trend this year of running garland down the center of long rectangular tables. Such a beautiful look!

If you turn around from our pecky cypress room you head into the gallery that I covered in Cole & Sons “Gondola” because I HAD to have it. I was like where can I put this?! And sadly its now disco’d. Boo hiss!

And if you do another twirl, you’ll find yourself in our dining room with a pale pink ceiling and black walls. Kind of feels like one of those not so tasty chocolates with the pink center, but pretty to look at.

Something told me to reread my post before going to bed tonight and I’m happy I did. I realized I totally forgot to include this shot. Can of the holidazzzze.
Super simple centerpiece – woo hoo stayed on target.
This wreath is new! I scored it on sale at the Queen for $50 and its pretty massive. I just couldn’t resist its neutral shimmer and natural elements.
This piece has always felt right here – a Christmas miracle!
Old Fashion anyone?
I’ve had this pair of ornaments for years and felt like they get lost on the tree. So I tied some ribbon to them and hung them here.
A favorite little corner. I love the contrast of the black and white and the playfulness of “fa la la la” against the fancy people in the fancy gold frame.

Alright, let’s head into the man cave next. This room gets a lot of play on game day, movie night and Christmas Eve when we pile in for some good ole fashioned Charlie Brown Christmas and Home Alone 2 (Soph’s pick this year). Personally my favorite holiday movies are Elf, The Holiday and Love Actually. Elf would be the only one that stands a chance with this crowd. What’s your favorite holiday movie? Polar Express is pretty special too!

I came to the realization this year I have a garland problem. I want to put it everywhere and maybe leave it up all year too ha.
This is our family tree with all the homemade ornaments and those from our travels. I pick up an ornament on every family vacation to remind us and reminisce (and because its frightening how much we forget!).
I split up this French grate and put one on each table flanking the entrance to display our BLESSINGS of friends and family. Again I love the utilitarian look of clothespins against the fancy scrolls of the gate. If I had more time I’d draw little red hearts on them – totally hi jacked that idea from Jill Sharp Weeks on Insta. Incredible talent!

Soph and I had so much fun with the village this year! I took a nostlagic pit stop last Summer at Bronners Christmas World in Frankenmuth (the CUTEST town!!!) on my way “up north” and noticed the current Department 56 homes didn’t seem as quality as Mom’s. When we unpacked, I found an old catalogue from the 90s and picked a did a google search and found a few new/old ones.

We found the King’s Road Post Office, the “wheat cakes and pudding cups” cottage and a Print Shop for Mom! (She worked in a print shop for the school). All for a fraction of the price of new. Good times!

Speaking of Home Alone…

These cute cable knit candles were scored at Kohls this year.
Right off the man cave is this moody half bath and SNOW

So let’s head into the kitchen and keeping room and where we spend all our time…

Layered and mixed three different garlands over the fireplace this year and a vintage stocking from a gal on Insta, sadly I cannot remember her name. Don’t you hate that? I start following someone amazing and then I can’t find them again because its not in chronological order – UGH so frustrating.
Breakfast nook
Loving the simplicity of this walnut filled urn I brought in from outside (and more greek key, nom, nom, nom).
Our green, gray and gold kitchen with a pair of new stools in my favorite color leather eva.
New garland from my fabulous girlfriend!!!

Well friends I think this is probably a good place to stop for now. Please join me again tomorrow when we finish the first floor, our bedroom, upstairs and outside. Also wanted to share with you some of our beautiful clients rooms decorated for Christmas too!! And my most favorite holiday tunes for your Christmas Day playlist.

Until then, happy holidaying!!! And thank you for coming by!! I hope you enjoyed the tour so far and have all kinds of ideas spinning in your head with your cherished decor.

loads of love, peace and progress,


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