A fun and funky before and after

Hello friends! And thanks for all your lovely comments about our new home! I’m really looking forward to sharing all the good design madness with you. XO. I’ve got lots of amazing ideas for home improvement projects. I’ve found some granny flat builders Sydney (or another similar company local to our area) and I think… Continue reading A fun and funky before and after

restyling around the house

Hey team, how goes it? Here we are at the end of January already. How did that happen?  I feel like the holidays were months ago, however, I just finished putting it all away and while I did, I restyled some things, changed some things, brought in some new things. You’re shocked, I’m sure. 😉… Continue reading restyling around the house

Before and After: Client Dining Room

I’m grateful to have helped this client transform her dining room into a functioning space she can be proud of.. “I walk by and cannot believe its my house” (Shucks). Here’s what we started with… A lot of dead space on either side of the table and only enough seating for four or five people.… Continue reading Before and After: Client Dining Room