Inspiration and ideas from the Atlanta “Home for the Holidays” Show house

Hello friends!!!! Just four more shopping days left! Are your little people going mad crazy with excitement for Santa to come? We’re soaking up every second over here. Pretty sure this is the last year my oldest believes Santa is coming down the chimney :-((( He did mention to Dad not to make a fire… Continue reading Inspiration and ideas from the Atlanta “Home for the Holidays” Show house

eat, sleep, design, repeat

Helllllo friends! Wow, I fell down the show house rabbit hole/recovery room, so to speak. Its so good to be here! In an attempt to save my sanity this holiday season, I halted any new business clients last July and for once I got it right. So far its working. Yeah man. Allowing time for… Continue reading eat, sleep, design, repeat

Highlights from High Point

Place is heaven. Pure heaven! You all are going to delete me from your reading list by the time I’m finished posting all the different topics we could discuss…so much good stuff! Should we talk about pairs of stools, nightstands, barstools, styling ideas, girls who rule, decisions, decisions. It was all so good! Let’s just… Continue reading Highlights from High Point

my first show house

Heeeeey team, happy Saturday from soggy Georgia! Good thing there’s great college football on today because mama’s not leaving the island (and possibly her pajamas). I’m finally coming into home base on my third child biggest project to date. A whole house show house. For you ballers out there, it feels like triple overtime and… Continue reading my first show house

A recent before and after project

Howdy friends! It’s Tuesday night woo hoo. Quite possibly the lamest night of the week (if it wasn’t for funk night at The Star Bar). Like reality-is-here day…yes you work for a living and yes the weekend is officially over. But not to worry because tomorrow is HUMP DAY and the day after that –… Continue reading A recent before and after project

perspective, hopes, dreams

Hello friends! I started this post at the beginning of August, thinking, wow where did July go? And BAM here we are September, August has gone and COOKED. I hope it was wonderful for you! Life is moving at a crazy fast pace (thank you captain obvious) and we have a lot to catch up… Continue reading perspective, hopes, dreams

beach house design update

Happy July friends! We are halfway through the year already…WHAT!? How are those new year’s resolutions working out for you? Hah. Same here. Probably time to revisit them, if we could actually remember what they were? Anyhoo, some of you know we have a little seaside abode on 30A we bought and totally gutted a… Continue reading beach house design update

salt and pepa

Wow. May sure came and went with a bang. Here we are June. This post is a catch your breath, dash of this, dash of that, hodge podge,  get your summer on, kind a deal. In other words, its time to slooow it down team. For my uncle traveling matt readers (#fragglerock)  here is a… Continue reading salt and pepa

New portfolio pics: the white wine room

Well hells bells, I’m a day late on my promise to blog every Friday but Saturday ain’t all bad. A quick little peek at some new portfolio pictures I had taken recently by the lovely Jennifer Kesler Photography of a project I completed years ago (honestly Jen). These are really good friends of ours and… Continue reading New portfolio pics: the white wine room

On the road with jsho – South Beach

Hello friends! I’m coming to you today, literally, from the road. Northern California to be exact. We are winding down our family spring break excursion to the west coast with some major chill time in Stinson Beach. More on that later, right now let’s cruise some serious South Beach design just in time for Summer!… Continue reading On the road with jsho – South Beach