Our Holiday Home Tour part one

How’s my friends?! Everyone in freak out mode? I sure hope not (as I sit here freaking out). Well not really freaking out per say just having one of those typical designer moments when sorting through my photographs for this post thinking, is any of this really that great??? Maybe I should just go to… Continue reading Our Holiday Home Tour part one

Love and Inspiration from New Orleans

Welcome back friends. Nothing like the first week after vacation to whip you back into reality with this sweet and short message, in a deep dark voice:  you’ve  got three weeks until Christmas, “you better work b___”. Here we are on a Tuesday night and I’m still slightly in denial about all that and chose… Continue reading Love and Inspiration from New Orleans

Professional photographs of our home – the keeping room

Hello loves! I’m excited to be sharing the professional photographs I had taken by the very lovely and talented Jennifer Kesler Photography. I like to think of our home as a collected mix of high and low pieces, a splurge here, with a great flea market find there. A labor of love/launching pad/design lab where… Continue reading Professional photographs of our home – the keeping room

The house that Jill built: before and after

Oh dear, its getting harder and harder to blog these days. So what a treat for me to be sitting down tonight writing this post, that has been on my plate for oh almost two years. Tonight I am giving you a hot damn (!!!) before and after tour of my friend Jilly’s house. The… Continue reading The house that Jill built: before and after

Happy Halloween from the homestead and hood

Floating skull inside apothecary was my favorite this year. Another holiday designed around the rot box #yourdaysarenumbered  Back door greeting… Ruby got some action. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a masquerade party?  You all remember sweet Shannon’s house from last Christmas? A lot to talk about here. Coming soon. Very exciting new projects… Continue reading Happy Halloween from the homestead and hood

Surviving September

Hey friends! I’ve been missing you! When September approached and I looked at my commitments, all I could think about was that song “wake me up when September ends” but instead this past month surprised me. It was packed full of love, life and good times! Nothing like kicking off one of the busiest months on… Continue reading Surviving September

happenings at the homestead

Howdy team, how was the weekend? My boys were out of my hair out of town and Mama got a lot accomplished in her quest for a happy pausing place in preparation for upcoming photographs (say that ten times fast). Like most designers, its a perpetual state of motion around here…”but I really LIKED THE… Continue reading happenings at the homestead

Vacation Diaries: part one

Well we’ve been in school now for a good three weeks and reality has definitely set in.  Every morning at 6:15 I roll over and tell Mike how much I HATE school, having to get up SO early…”maybe I should homeschool???” Work is nuts, a good nuts. I’m in the process of moving the ROAD… Continue reading Vacation Diaries: part one

What I learned at Haven

Recently, I attended my first Haven conference, which began last year by my rock star friend Rhoda.  And I mean rock. star. bad. ass. I made it down for one glorious, super informative day and it was a happy place. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this conference, here’s a quick summary…. “Haven… Continue reading What I learned at Haven

Back to school

It was the first day of school today for my little rascals. Early August? Yes, I know. Kind of a bummer but we’re learning to live with it. Sophia was especially excited. “My two favorite days  of school are the first day  and the last day!”  – Sophia Sunshine True that. I came across this… Continue reading Back to school