Design updates and holiday decor at home

Happy holidaze!!! I hope you all are enjoying the season. Its been SWELL having some down time and thought I’d share what’s been up around here, along with some holiday cheer… Let’s start in the pecky cypress room…notice the slipper chair to the right. It was bound to happen sooner or later! Restyled in Kelly… Continue reading Design updates and holiday decor at home

Show house holiday eye candy

Helllloooo friends! (by the way autocorrect wanted to change my hello to “hellhole friends” -hilarious. I beg to differ autocorrect!). I visited the most recent gorgeous Atlanta show house last week and my initial and repeated reaction, every time I step foot inside one, is wow, we really are lucky to live in such a… Continue reading Show house holiday eye candy

A fun and funky before and after

Hello friends! And thanks for all your lovely comments about our new home! I’m really looking forward to sharing all the good design madness with you. XO. I’ve got lots of amazing ideas for home improvement projects. I’ve found some granny flat builders Sydney (or another similar company local to our area) and I think… Continue reading A fun and funky before and after

Before it was “Villa Vreeland”

Hello friends! I swear I’ve sat down four weekends in a row trying to put this post together, to no avail. Maybe, finally, this is the time. Happy weekend to you! I always feel so fortunate to get back here to write and share. Do you recall the last time we talked, (like a month… Continue reading Before it was “Villa Vreeland”

J-sho spotted: Hobby Lobby

Team! How are you??? I thought I’d never make it back! #myhappyplace #theroad So much to catch up on but first, with about 45 minutes to spare, I made a mad dash around Hobby Lobby today and let me tell ya, it blew my mind. Here’s what I was able to snap snap…   Okay,… Continue reading J-sho spotted: Hobby Lobby

who, what, where, when

Hello friends and happy Summer! Its been some time since we talked. A lot has happened. For starters, we sold our house. Every day the kids would wake up and yell ten days…nine days…eight days! And I’d be like oh wow this really is happening??? Get packing! A week before we were due to be… Continue reading who, what, where, when

A work in progress

Remember awhile back when I came home from Design Blogger’s Conference all GUNG-HO…editorial calendar, monthly features, weekly, I’m on it! (A moment of silence for that hilarity). However, eventually I do get around to the notion so here we are team with our first “work in progress” monthly feature. I won’t go on about how… Continue reading A work in progress

How cute are my neighbors?

Recently our dear neighbors of ten plus years hosted a graduation party for both their beautiful daughters, one college, one high school, with a lovely party, in every sense. Beautiful vignettes indoors and out and a food truck. I couldn’t wait to share. You could so totally picture her home while flipping through the pages… Continue reading How cute are my neighbors?

A constant treasure hunt

Hello team, How goes it? I’ve been a mad crazy designer these past two weeks, on the hunt for one-of-a-kinds to wrap up some projects before Summertime hits. I wanted to share what’s out there, A LOT of pretties, A LOT of potential, but where to start? How bout Home Decorator’s Collection? You know that… Continue reading A constant treasure hunt